Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gee, Where Did I hear That One Before?

Sweet Jesus on Roller skates, the man really thinks we're that stupid!

That speech (by the way, could he waste even more time gladhanding people who secretly hate him?) was basically a recycling of every Republican/Conservative idea of the last 30 years;

Fiscal Responsibility
Paying down the Deficit
Nuclear Power, Offshore drilling, More Coal
Capital Gains and other (as yet unidentified) Tax Cuts (hey, weren't the Bush Tax cuts what helped destroy the economy in the first place?)

I guess he figures you're too stupid to realize that he's basically lifting the entire platform of the people he's spent the last three years demonizing?

By the way, when it comes to his own (failed) ideas Stimulus, Health Care, Bashing Wall Street, Phony War on Terrorism (which was all about him, in case you didn't notice) -- the only thing I heard was: full speed ahead!

Here's a really neat game you can play at home;

Who said this?

"...“Through stricter accounting standards and tougher disclosure requirements, corporate America must be made more accountable to employees and shareholders and held to the highest standards of conduct...."

Answer: George W. Bush, in his 2002 SOTU Address...and Barack Obama in his speech tonight.

Okay, here's a tougher one. Who said this?

"...Many of you have talked about the need to pay down our national debt. I listened, and I agree. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to act now, and I hope you will join me to pay down $2 trillion in debt during the next 10 years..."

Answer: George W. Bush, in his 2001 SOTU Address...and Barack Obama in his speech tonight. It's freakin' freaky, man! It's like, Obama copied all of Bush's speeches or something, and here i was thinking that dems thought Bush was some sort of drooling idiot, and stuff. I guess we're supposed to believe all these things sprang from Obama's fertile and superior mind, right?

The Cato Institute is currently investigating the number of times Obama has lifted the exact words or themes of George W Bush's SOTU Addresses and recycled them as his own tonight. I'll post that link when it's up and running. Figuring since he's already been busted twice, it'll probably be a substantial number.

Oh, and you thought I was only kidding about the chin thing, right?

(H/T Instapundit)

And let's not forget his stunning assault on the First Amendment, vis-a-vis the Supreme Court's recent striking down of parts of the Campaign Finance Reform monstrosity. You know, the one that Obama had to have an argument about with Justice Alito before he finally took the podium to bore the shit out of me?

It was already an excruciating burden to bear in waiting for the Mid-Term elections to finally get here so that we could stem the tide of Government stupidity. Now it appears that 2012 can't get here fast enough, either. This man is both brazen con artist and clueless asshole.

And by the way, can we stop having these things? I mean, putting the entire Congress, the President and Vice President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Supreme Court all into the same building, making it a nice, fat target for terrorists just so we can be lied to and bored out of our boxers is getting to be a rally bad idea. Doesn't anyone in Washington read Tom Clancy?

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Sabra said...

"I mean putting the entire Congress, the President... all into the same building, making it a nice, fat target..."

You say that like it's a bad thing. With the exception of a few - very few - starting over from scratch really wouldn't be all that bad of an idea.

Interesting chin observation, there. Not a surprise, though. He does think he's royalty - or something - and that us, us little peon taxpayers - are nothing but serfs.

Can't wait for your link as to how many plagiarized paragraphs the jugearedjackass stole.

I could barely watch. Thankfully I didn't get to see the whole 70 minutes of his lips moving to the beat of his trusty teleprompter knowing what spews forth is nothing but lies.

At this point, he could turn water into wine and make gold out of dog poop and I would still detest and loathe him. Honestly I don't think I have ever felt "hate" like I do for him. And, that word, "hate," is a strong word that I do not use often.