Saturday, January 30, 2010

Who Was That Masked Man?

Never mind what Dick Morris said about "pivoting"; that Barack Obama guy on TV the other night didn't pivot on his own politics and policies as much as pirouette through his own bullshit.

One minute we have Obama-the-Fiscal-Hawk-Tax-Cutter-Economy-Saver conservative, and then the very next Obama-the-Spend-Money-We-Don't-Have-Like-A-Drunken-Sailor liberal reasserts itself. We have Obama the I'm-a-Uniter-Not-a-Divider voice of reason, and then we return to the Republicans-as-The-Party-Of-No-As-a-Political-Strategy-To-Fuck-Me-Up-And-Screw-America routine.

We ride the crest of the wave when he says He's ready to take responsibility and will be focused on this, that or the other thing, only to fall headlong into the trough when he starts whining about having inherited this, that and the other, or about how his job isn't easy, and nothing gets done because he wishes it, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

You asked for the job, Asshole. You spent a billion bucks of other-people's money to get it. This comes with the territory.

You almost wonder who the hell this guy is, sometimes. Is he simply stupid, not understanding the tasks at hand and unable to ask for the proper advice on them? Is he just convinced of his own innate superiority and will take no council but his own, flawed and imperfect as it may be? Is he simply someone trying to get by, with a super-thin resume, lack of experience, with no working knowledge of the world outside academia and government to draw upon? In other words, no experience of how the rest of us live and think? Is he a confidence man, a mere scammer who managed to talk himself in to a post way above his abilities? Is he simply a puppet of the left-liberal establishment, kept inside a bubble and told what to think and say, who never expected to actually get this job, and having landed it, turned to the wrong people for help and support?

When he wasn't paraphreasing Marx and Alinsky, he was ripping off GWB and Reagan.

Who knows why he does it, or how it happens? I don't even think Obama knows some days.

Professor Hanson weighs in on Obama's internal struggles.

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