Monday, March 08, 2010

The Mind Boggles...

Via the Closet Conservative:

New York Chef makes cheese out of wife's breast milk.

I'm a Native New Yorker. I once believed that I had seen everything there was to see, heard everything there was to hear, experienced things that can only be experienced in the grand Metropolis that is the Greatest City in the World.

But this takes the cake. Or cheese, as it were.

I wonder if Mayor Bloomberg, the Master of All We Eat, will have something to say about this?

After all, he's concerned about how much salt, caffeine, sugar, trans fats and all the other icky stuff we consume. To the point where the City government practically looms over the shoulders of every "chef" -- whether it the 17-year-old who constructs my Big Mac, the pushcart vendor who serves my Street Meat, or the friendly folks at Dunkin' Donuts -- to make sure that several layers of bureaucracy stands between me and my enjoyment of whatever smoky/salty/creamy/fatty/sweet bodily poison I freely choose to ingest today. To make sure that I get a hulking heaping of fake moral indignation and a stern lecture from my culinary betters; the self-appointed lunchroom monitors of the Upper East Side.

I'm too stupid to eat, therefore, Mike must save me from myself.

I rather doubt he'll have anything to say, or do, about this guy. He's an artiste, you know. In Bloomberg's World, artistes are not bound by the same rules and conventions the rest of us mouth-breathing slobs are. In fact, I'll bet he has a regular table in that establishment, if only because the cheese now has become a welcome substitute for the breast feeding Hizzonner's Mommy stopped all too soon (I'm betting it was his sixth birthday when she started withholding the teat).

This is disgusting. And I don't care to hear from the artsy-fartsy crowd on this, about how "creative" it is, or worse, from the environMENTALists about how it might even serve as a healthier and environmentally-safer alternative to cow's milk and cheese. Fuck that; this is plain wrong.

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Vassy said...

Wow. Gross.
Yeah, I'm out on that too.
Is it not bad enough that people feel the need to force their own spawn on you ("ain't s/he cute??"), now the breast milk too, huh?
Feh. Pfft. Blech.