Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sometimes Life is Just Too Funny...

A self-help author who writes books for bitter single females is now suing her former lover for getting her pregnant and then dumping her.

What's funny about this? Well, nothing really. Except this: the woman, Karen Salmonsohn, is the author of "How to Make Your Man Behave in 21 Days or Less Using the Secrets of Successful Dog Trainers".

She's also the author of ""How to Succeed in Business Without a Penis". I assume she meant that as in 'not having one physically because of your gender' and not as in 'without having to screw the Boss'.

You think someone has an obvious problem with men here, or what? I know women like this and they harbor a strange psychosis about men; there's a man somewhere in their past who wasn't perfect (he probably wouldn't pay for her nose job, indulge her selfish desires, refused to worship her, or something similar, but always, She Didn't Get Her Way), and she places far too much value upon her vagina (understand Ladies, there are millions of women simply giving it away. This is what Feminism has reduced many of you to. It's no longer the Pearl of Great Price; You can almost get one in Wal-Mart now.). She then learns to use sex as a weapon, a means by which to manipulate the next poor, dumb asshole She comes across into doing what She wants them to do. When Life disappoints her -- as it usually will disappoint a Cast Iron bitch with both an unrealistically-high opinion of herself and a weaponized vagina -- she writes books that the other bitter bitches can read and chuckle and nurse dreams of revenge upon their tormentors over.

These kinds of books are basically a field guide on how to find a complete sucker (i.e. stupid man with no self-esteem) and then fuck him over. There is nothing especially new or creative about it, as women have been writing those sorts of things since the 1960's. No doubt about it, Ladies; the key to future wedded bliss and eternal happiness is to make some poor slob who wouldn't hurt a fly pay for the sins of all the Bad Boys in your life. Bad Boys that you creamed over specifically because they were Bad Boys.

That always works out well for y'all, doesn't it? Anyways...

Judging from the picture in the article, Salmonsohn looks like she'd be an absolute pain in the ass, too. The Prototypical Screaching Bitch. I'm betting I'd have to slug her before the first date was over. At least once. I've never hit a woman in my life, but I can certainly see myself smacking her silly if I had anything to do with her.

What's even stranger about this story is that the pregnancy was brought about by IVF treatments. I guess that would be so that Salmonsohn didn't actually have to do the horizontal mambo with this schmuck, and maybe fuck up her hair and nails. Personally, I think this is a newer version of the Pregnancy Trap for older women to use. She's 49 or 51, I think the article said, and if you set out to get pregnant in order to obligate someone, the traditional methods may not work so well at that advanced age.

Big red flag for me right here:

"...Leff said he'd be "very happy" to start another family, and quickly put his money where his mouth was, popping the question weeks later with a $10,000 Tiffany's engagement ring and volunteering to pay for pricey IVF treatments straighway. The couple met each other's families, and told them they were engaged.

"There were no red flags. None," Salmansohn said.

By November, they'd made ten trips to the fertility clinic together, the suit says, and Leff offered to help her out monetarily and pay for renovations on her Chelsea apartment to make it more "family friendly." Over a six month period, the suit says, Leff "spent lavishly" on Salmansohn, shelling out over $150,000 on vacations, renovations and other assorted odds and ends. "He pursued me very enthusiastically," she said.

Leff also promised to pay all of her medical expenses and everything needed to prepare the baby's room, and said he'd support her in excess of the $150,000 she typically made during the year while she was pregnant and taking care of the baby..."

That's $310,000 before the baby is even born, and from what I can see, most of it's not even for the kid! It's her apartment being renovated, she got the Tiffany Ring, it's her lost potential income being replaced, it's her being taken on vacation and receiving medical care. Reading through that article, one gets the impression that she was negotiating her way through the entire relationship; as if she treated it as some sort of contract of business arrangement; She provides vagina, he provides cash. Sign on the dotted line, please.

I'm sorry ladies, but I don't care if you can make a mean pot roast, juggle chainsaws AND have no gag reflex, but there's a word for women like this. It begins with the letter "C" , and is so crude that even I won't use it. But WHORE will suffice for now.

And there's a word for men who let this kind of thing happen to them:


Sounds like this guy maybe smartened up before this woman ruined his life and left him destitute. And now she's going to sue him and take more of his money? She's a victim? Yeah, right. But then again, this is New York State, and the courts are notoriously biased in favor of women, particularly where children are concerned.

This woman should be caged, for the protection of other stupid men with lots of money. Permanently. She gives the rest a very bad name.

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