Monday, March 08, 2010

I Made a Mistake...

It happens from time to time, and when it does, I try to do the right thing and make a correction.

I assumed that soon-to-resign (if the current reports are right) Representative Eric Massa (Sexual Harasser - New York) was actually in favor of ObamaCare, and that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi would run interference for Massa in an effort to keep his vote.

It turns out the Rep. Massa was not in favor of ObamaCare. I'm not certain of the particulars, the whys-and-wherefores of his opposition, but I will make an effort to find out.

The Representative is now suggesting that he has been specifically targeted by Pelosi, Hoyer, et. al., in retaliation for his opposition to the Federal Eyedrops and Bandaids for Brothers plan, with his tormentors going as far as to invent charges with which to smear him.

He then intimates that he did, indeed, suggest that he should bump uglies with a male staffer, but that was in the context of drunken bonhomie and that in the grand scheme of "Dudes being Dudes" that this doesn't really mean anything -- and when it isn't that, it's all about someone getting rabidly politically correct and being unable to recognize a joke when they see one.

Except when it isn't about that. Then it's about Massa being pressured into changing his vote, or to keep his seat (he says he was planning on retiring due to health issues), probably to keep it from going republican. Like Scott Brown, Eric Massa has undergone some form of invisible transformation until he now considers himself to be the deciding vote against ObamaCare, and Pelosi wants his scalp for that reason alone.

Considering that Massa has changed his story eleven times, it's becoming increasingly clear that he probably does have something to hide (we just haven't been privy to all the salacious details...yet). He's all over the place; he's retiring, he's resigning, he's suddenly not doing either, and then he's fight-fight-fightin', and painting himself as a martyr and an innocent victim of a great Left-wing Conspiracy to Enslave the American Republic with Health Insurance.


Eric Massa is still an embarrassment to the people of New York -- no matter what the fine distinctions may be in his case -- and he probably still needs to go for that reason alone. Married men do not proposition other men, or lay hands upon them in familiar fashion unless there is absolutely no question of having this mistaken for a sexual proposition (it's why you can make 'gay' remarks and mimic 'gay' behavior with your closest, manliest friends, but not with Bob the Copier Guy at the Office. Your friends know you and your sense of humor, presumably, Bob doesn't).

The fact that his aides (not AIDS), presumably people who have worked with him for a long period of time and could be expected to know his sense of humor, found his behavior shocking and disturbing enough to file a complaint tells you much. They either know he's on the Down Low, have their doubts, or they just hate his fucking guts enough to destroy his career and reputation.

And none of that has much to do with a Congressional vote at all.

But I was wrong to assume he was in lock step with the socialized medicine crowd, and for that, Representative Massa, I do apologize. I don't claim to be a journalist (like that's even a real profession anymore?) but I really should make certain that what I put here is as close to the truth as I can manage.

Now, about getting around to finally tendering your resignation....

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