Friday, March 19, 2010

The Road to Hell... paved with good intentions.

This is an old expression which found it's way back into my diseased head last night, with regards to the "Health" "Care" "Debate". I'm cynical by nature; life has taught me to be so, and it's probably at the root of much of my resistance to ObamaCare. Experience has indicated that whenever someone says "this is for your own good", it usually isn't, and it also teaches that when you lock a herd of politicians together in a room with a common goal, you usually get something other than a solution to the original problem. A camel, they say, is a horse designed by a committee.

Or at least the Senate.

I've been thinking that the democrat's relentless drive to pass a piece of shit healthcare bill that no one can afford must be part of some long-planned-sinister-Socialist Plot to Destroy America. I came to that conclusion because the visible signs indicate it; the dems seem ready to commit political suicide for this, acting contrary to public opinion, and they seem singularly devoted to the cause, almost to the point of monomania. Japanese Kamikazes weren't this committed. Compared to Nancy Pelosi in her quest to ruin the American Healthcare System, Mohammed Atta was a pussy.

But then, I had a moment of clarity (I was taking a dump), and another angle entered my thoughts. What if, let's say, the democrats actually were trying to accomplish something for the common good? What if they actually did have the best interests of the American people at heart?

Well, if you viewed the whole thing from that angle, then some of this controversy begins to make some sense.

There are, perhaps, some democrats who are so dedicated to the idea that they're actually doing some good, that they may be unable to realize what harm they might actually inflict as a consequence. Perhaps all that's needed, instead of all this acrimony, is a clearer explanation of what they intend to do, how they intend to do it, with a mind towards keeping the gap between good intentions and good results as narrow as possible.

I mean, it could be possible, right?

Then, as I was flushing, the idea faded. The Idea was forced from my head by the harsh sound of the water rushing, and in a perfect metaphor timed exquisitely to my actions, just as a turd circled the bowl, my idea also began it's epic journey into an unknown oblivion. Just as it had arrived, upon wings of gossamer as it were, The Idea suddenly flitted away out the bathroom window and into the cold, dark, Staten Island night.

Because reality came crashing back into my thoughts.

If this was really a "health" "care" "bill" it wouldn't contain provisions making the federal government (and one Bank in North Dakota) the only entities able to issue student loans in America.

If it were it truly intended to improve the nation's health, there wouldn't be provisions for allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the country illegally...and take advantage of ObamaCare.

Money for elective abortions doesn't seem to be promoting anyone's health, to me.

Any "Health" "Care" "Reform" wouldn't include provisions that the Federal Government could force you to buy insurance, nor would it tax those who already have insurance to pay for the medical care of the people who would still be breaking the law by refusing to buy the insurance they were commanded to buy.

It wouldn't remove half-a-trillion bucks from the current medical system (Medicare) and use it to start a brand-spankin' new bureaucracy that basically duplicates Medicare, only more expensively and with the ability to kill the elderly off with rationing.

The bill wouldn't add 30 million people to the insurance rolls, and then add no doctors,, nurses and other practitioners. It wouldn't punish doctors financially and legally just for being physicians. It would pay them fair market price for their services.

It wouldn't collect ten years of taxes, but then only provide six years of service. This one is the dead giveaway; even if the democrats lose power in future elections, they will still have created and funded the embryo bureaucracies which will have to be established, and which are necessary to an even more expansive program rearing it's ugly head in the future.

A "Health" "Care" "Reform" bill that raises taxes on Social Security and then extends additional taxes on everything from pacemakers to colostomy bags, can't be about anyone's health.

If the thing has to be passed in the dark of night by a clearly Unconstitutional Parliamentary maneuver, then it simply can't be any good. If the President of the United States can talk about it for 16 months and still not convince the majority of Americans of it's efficacy (and remember, a considerable number of these are people who consider Girls Next Door to be highbrow entertainment) , it can't be any good at all. If the Speaker of the House can play games wherein one day there's a bill to vote upon, the next day there isn't, and the following day she can get something signed into law without a vote ever being held, then it simply can't be beneficial or legal.

I have absolutely no doubt that there are a few - a few - democrats who believe with every fibre of their being that ObamaCare is the Best Thing Ever. They believe that decent society demands this kind of sweeping "reform", and that without it, we're sentencing millions of our brothers and sisters to unspeakable torment and deprivation. For those democrats, the one's too stupid to see beyond their own sanctimony and emotion, this is really all about Doing the Right Thing, and no measure of argument will ever convince them otherwise.

The True Believers can never be un-convinced by appeal to logic. Those people really are under the impression that they are bringing a positive boon to mankind. We should understand their motives are pure...and then shoot them before they breed further.

But, the rest can't be that blindly altruistic, nor even that smart. The addition of millions of lines of crap to the bill that have nothing at all to do with who gets an operation and how much it should cost, have attached their personal agendas to this bill, and are trying to achieve by graft what they could not achieve at the ballot box, or by law; they are out to control as many aspects of your life as they possibly can, for their own ends and enrichment. Even where the bill WAS changed because of the outright graft included in it (the infamous Louisana Purchase, the Cornhusker Kickback, Gator Aid, etc) the solution was not to admit to the sin and remove it from the package -- but to extend the same bribes to every Senator and State.

That's how libtards work; instead of decrying and abolishing bad behavior, they simply institutionalize and normalize it as that becomes necessary. What the hell does any of that have to do with anyone's health?

I've wavered between the ideas that Barack Obama is either stupid or arrogant, but I've changed my mind. The old Sean Hannity formulation that Obama is a unreformed Marxist Douchebag is closer to the truth, but is far too simple. It doesn't allow for the sublime absurdity of what's happening. Barack Obama is not motivated by the exercise of power, like most Marxists. Nor is he driven by an ideological perogative. Hell, he's not even motivated by concern for his fellow human beings. He is motivated by the force of Ego. This isn't about curing anyone's AIDS or making certain grandma gets that double-bypass; it's about the Annals of History, and Barack Obama's place within them. Barack Obama will never appear on Mount Rushmore; Mount Everest would still be too small to accommodate the proper commemoration he believes he'll be entitled to.

It's all about him, you see. And he has a sycophantic bunch of retards so infected by hypocrisy and political correctness (The United States Congress and the democratic party) that they'll give him those three pages in the Great History Book in the Sky, next to the other great men of the Leftist pantheon -- Mao, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Castro, Guevara, et. al -- even if it means destroying the greatest country ever created by men, and taxing the Middle Class right into penury. He is their God, and they are his Church. He's bigger than Buddah, Jesus, Mohammed and Zeus all rolled up into one, they think.

Because the ideal that Barack Obama is a "transformative figure" must be upheld over all other considerations. After all, he's black you know. In the world of libtards these things carry far more weight than any actual achievement or ability, because they still believe that America is a racist country, and so the elevation of a black man to the highest office is an event on par with the Second Coming. Therefore, whatever Obama desires, it cannot be denied.

This about allowing Obama to control your life; the system will affect what you eat, your activities, your treatment options, what medicines are available to you, and how much money you'll have left after the massive taxes required to pay for it. It's not about your health -- it's about limiting your choices until you are forced by law and process of elimination to accept the activities and mindsets that libtards consider to be the proper ones. They're out to control your behavior, against your will, and intrude upon every aspect of your life.

They want the Power of God, and Obama is the God they want. Obamacare is simply his Ten (Thousand) Commandments.

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