Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Government By Ugly (Alleged) Lesbian...

Okay, I don't know much about legal scholarship, judgeships, high courts and all of that folderol. I only know that Barack Obama has repeated a long-standing libtard tradition and found the ugliest lesbian available for the job. Now, that doesn't mean that Elena Kagan is incompetent, or wouldn't make a great judge, it's just that I get the feeling (backed up by experience with ugly lesbians in important jobs through many Libtard administrations now) that she was perhaps the worst choice that anyone could have made.

To back up my theory that butt-ugly carpetmunchers make bad government officials:

1. Janet Reno burned 80 people to death -- inside a church! -- after her minions botched an arrest they could have made two days before when the guy was in the supermarket. This conflagration brought a 51-day siege to a climax (sorry!) in which the Federal Government employed snipers, machine guns, tanks, helicopters, all manner of high-tech-whizzbangery, and denied food, water and medical care to the people within the "Coumpound". When all of that had failed to force a surrender, Man-et Reno ordered the use of tear gas...which began a fire that resulted in the building burning to the ground, and taking nearly 80 people with it. Including children. On National Television. And she got away with it.

During the siege, the rationale for the government's action changed from trying to make an arrest of someone who had violated gun laws, to preventing child abuse (the children within the Branch Davidian compound were, according to Reno, being raped every minute of every day by David Koresh). Well, if you want to stop a rape, I can think of no more certain method than roasting both rapist and victim alive. Good job, Man-et, V1.0!

2. Again, Janet Reno sent Federal Stormtroopers out to storm someone else's home when she sent the ATF and FBI out to pluck Elian Gonzolez from his family in the middle of the night. I for one will never forget the famous photograph, in which we see a frightened boy being dragged out of a closet while a Federal Agent trains a submachine gun in his direction. Again, this action took place on National Television, and again, she got away with it.

Why did Elian need to be taken away from his family by force? Because his father (who had never shown much interest in him before then) was suddenly asserting his parental rights...from inside Castro's Cuba. So, a Libtard administration, which under different circumstances could probably give a fig about father's rights, suddenly found in favor of a father obviously being coerced by one of the world's worst dictators. And the solution to this dilemma was to stage a "no-knock" raid on the home, steal the child at gunpoint from the people who had taken care of him and broken no laws, and then ship him to totalitarian Cuba....for his own good.

3. Janet Napolitano....well, where to start? She sees enemies everywhere, you know; servicemen returning from overseas service, Tea Partiers, legal gun owners, Right-Wingers, people who pray...well, unless they happen pray in Arabic!

She of the "Man Caused Catastrophe" and the "Overseas Contingency Operation" is the Secretary of Homeland Security, and before that, she was the below-average Governor of Arizona...you know, the state that had to pass it's own law because the Federal Government won't patrol the U.S. Border and send illegal immigrants home? Well, Janet presided over some of that mess, too, you know. And then Barack I tapped her for the post of Sec. of Homeland Security, which was sort of like promoting the blind and narcoleptic night watchman...and giving him a gun.

Since Obama, and Man-et V2.0 have been in office, Homeland Security has dropped the ball on border security, the Underwear Bomber, the Fort Hood Shooter, the Time Square Bomber. It has only been the most extraordinary luck that has prevented larger loss of life (neither Undibomber nor Times Square Bomber -- TSB -- could set their bombs off). In fact, it has been an alert public and local police forces that have led the charge against the Terrorism inside the United States, aided in large part by the FBI (which is probably still independent enough to tell the Obamatards to go fuck themselves when that's necessary). Both Undibomber and TSB made their way onto international flights, despite being on No-Fly Lists, getting through layers of Federal Security in the process.

There's an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that's about to destroy the local economies in coastal regions from Florida to Texas, but Homeland Security and FEMA (which answers to Napolitano) did nothing for nine days -- despite having a 20-year-old contingency plan for exactly for this sort of thing. FEMA and Homeland Security did jack-shit while half of Tennessee was washed away by massive floods. Probably because Man-et V2.0 was busy falsely-prosecuting Christians (The Hutaree "Militia") with little-to-no evidence. If she had the same zeal to go after Islamonazis, we'd be much closer to solving the problem of Man-Made Catastrophes.

3. Ruth Bader Ginsburg....I don't even know where to start. A woman (is she?) who refuses to admit that the Constitution exists, and that where that becomes inconvenient to deny, that it can be made to say things that it doesn't. Especially if those new "interpretations" concern any of the following: a further degradation of conventional morality, erosion of Constitutional Rights, extending the concept of Civil Rights into areas it was never intended to go, government empowered to steal citizens' property, expansion of Federal power into the most intimate areas of our lives (unless doing so would upset a Libtard-protected group, like Gays).

If you were to sit down and purposely design the worst-possible Supreme Court Judge, you could hardly come up with anything better than Ginsburg. She is living proof to the adage that no matter how much you polish a turd, you can't get the smell of crap off of it.

And now, we have Elena Kagan, a woman who has achieved the impossible and is about to be elevated to one of the highest and most-cherished offices in the land -- with a resume even thinner than Barack Obama's. Her great virtue, from what I've heard so far, is that she'll make for boring confirmation hearings because she has, basically, no record to go over. She has a laundry list of "accomplishments" that count only in Libtard circles (Dean of Harvard Law School, probably-gay -- that's an accomplishment in Libtardia, she's -- probably -- a woman). She's the prototype of the Democratic Machine-made Ticket Puncher. Much like Sonia Sotomayor was, although at least Sotomayor had the decency to make the hearings a little more interesting with her barely-concealed racism.

We'll now have three broads on the Supreme Court. This is not really all that big a deal to me (it is to Obama, who somehow equates three women in high places as something that would have been a physical impossibility before he came down from Mt. Olympus to save us all and show us the error of our ways). In fact, I would be sorta-kinda impressed by the accomplishment, except for the fact that the women in question probably couldn't muster up enough intellectual firepower to burn calories between them. I already know what their political predispositions are on any case they might hear in future, and I already know in which ways they'll be biased on any particular issue.

Besides, we'll know what happens when you put three women in the same place: two usually gang up on the third, spread rumors about her, talk about her behind her back, damn her with faint, back-handed praise, criticize her taste in clothing and shoes, and then they get catty and petty. Eventually, the alliances will shift (they always do) and the whole thing starts all over. All Obama did in nominating Kagan was to ensure a three-cornered catfight between women you wouldn't even approach without a hardhat and Hazmat suit.

(Author's Note: Before I get nasty e-mails -- I am NOT anti-woman, nor am I anti-Lesbian. I love both women and Lesbians (hmm, maybe I should re-phrase that?). My intentions here were to convey some observations that I've made in recent years:

1. The Government is being invaded by corpulent, pig-faced Lesbians, with mannish haircuts and obvious biases, who are being appointed to their jobs, rather than elected to them. It's all well-and-fine when they've been elected, because the damage they do can, in many cases, be reversed. When you appoint them to for-live positions, they poison the body politic for decades to come. But that was perhaps the point of the whole exercise to begin with, no?

2. This phenomenon has produced an Attorney General who has killed, and colluded with the enemies of this country (Cuba) in order to affect a kidnapping and deportation. It's amazing how that happened to a refugee child, but the real problem of illegal immigration was somehow mot worthy of similar tactics, or fervor, on Reno's part. Then again, perhaps she might have ordered tactics and weapons used that would have killed those people, too?

It has produced a Secretary of Homeland Security who might as well collude with the enemies of this country for all the good she is doing. She's in capable of telling the truth, and you wonder if she's even capable of recognizing The Truth, even if it ran up and stuck a six-inch hat pin in that gravy-filled sack she calls a behind.

3. This phenomenon seems to produce officials who are so blinded by their own stupidity and ideology that they are unable to make rational decisions. Janet Reno uses tanks and commandos to "arrest" someone. Janet Napolitano continually assures us that "the System Works" -- when it obviously doesn't -- and seems oblivious to the fact that there are people out there are plotting the demise of thousands of Americans, and very few of them White Christian Conservative Heterosexual Males. Point out her shortcomings and mistakes, and Napolitano accuses you of of the worst possible slanders, and of wanting to overthrow the government. She has forgotten that her job is to protect US, not the Government's prerogatives.

4. I can't wait to see what sort of damage the Racist "Wise" Latina manages to do before it's all over for her. Ginsburg is already on record about Gay Marriage, Abortion, Property Rights, Gun Rights, Reading Terrorists Miranda warnings, and the right to screw a cocker spaniel, if that is your desire. We've been fortunate to this point that neither has actually done much of anything, and that the worst of their impulses have been smothered by a more reasonable majority on the court.

It just seems to me that these women in particular seem to have either a streak of Totalitarian in them, or a deep-seated hatred for this country which comes out as a willingness to use the force of government (coercive, passive or active) to trample upon rights (even to kill!) American citizens who's activities do not jibe with their ideology).

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