Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Let Them Eat Crack..."

At first, I thought this was a porn reference, but no. It's a very illustrative and poignant look into the mind of a demented leftist, and what happens when several issues come together at a central point in such a way as to oblige them to reconcile several opposing arguments into something appearing to be a reasonable argument, all while pandering to several constituencies at once.

In this case, the demented leftist is Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and modern-day Marie Antionette. The several converging issues are Illegal Immigration, Border Security, Law Enforcement and Drug Addiction. Since Nancy doesn't want to lose the Illegal Immigrant vote she can't come out in favor of Border enforcement or rounding up illegals for deportation. Since she doesn't want to lose the votes (and ability to funnel cash to) the entire cottage industry of inner-city "treatment" facilities, she's doesn't want to talk up the law enforcement side of the issue too much (after all, drug addicts and the people who love them are a core democratic party constituency).

Since she can't talk about Law and Order without alienating the Victim of _______ Constituency, she carefully makes it clear that addiction has no personal responsibility component, and is quite clearly, a core service which government, at all levels, should provide for those poor unfortunates who didn't realize heroin was bad for you.

Eventually, once you read between the lines (and the lies), you get something like this:

We're supposed to let the drugs come into the country, let people get addicted, and THEN deal with the consequences afterwards. Because it's cheaper that way. In between the arrival of said drugs and said consequences, that many people will die, crime rates will soar, billions of dollars will be lost, and civil society will inch closer to total disintegration, seems to bother Her Heinous not one fucking whit.

But it'll be cheaper than closing the border or enforcing the law. And it won't make Mexicans feel uncomfortable. Does she really think this way? Does she really all?

How is it possible that someone this fucking dimwitted was able to become the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and what does that say about the people who voted to send her there?

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