Saturday, May 15, 2010

"Sociopath Is Too Nice a Word To Describe Obama..."

Jews are finally catching on...and they're pissed off. It's almost as if Obama has decided that it's his job to reconcile the West with Islam, and if that means the Jews must pay the price for reconciliation, then so be it.

Actually, if you look closely at Obama's efforts (such as they are) with the Muslim world, there's a much deeper dynamic at work. Today he might launch Predator drones to kill Al'Qaeda and Taliban dudes, and then Tomorrow, he'll be doing all he can to assure us that all those Pakistani truck bombers are just lone nuts, probably all hopped up on Sarah Palin's books, and pissed off about Wall Street regulatory reform.

It's almost as if he's saying "Listen, guys...I really don't want to shoot missiles at you, and I'm giving you all the cover I possibly can. Can't you just meet me halfway?" I've seen this sort of behavior myself. It's a mixture of Passive-Aggressive behavior, denial, and excusing away the bad behavior of others. Obama seems to be under the impression that "someday" the Muslim world will see that he's right, and then, by golly!, they'll just be begging to be his buddy!

That they haven't done so yet is simply a matter of them finding their inner-courage, or perhaps it's just a matter of patience. After all, such smart and well-adjusted people surely will see the logic and benefits of what he's offering. But just in case they begin to think they can take him for granted, he'll shower them with high explosives...just a nudge to get off the stick. In the meantime, if they somehow manage to nuke Tel Aviv, it's probably just part of the process they'll need to endure before they're "ready" -- Obama will just "be there" when they finally get around to realizing how much they "need" him. And of course, they'll never return his phone calls, but that's only because they're busy working out their issues.

This is a mentality born of arrogance, ignorance, and the inability to face reality. I certainly hope Israel is not depending on this President to defend it. They'll be sorely disappointed.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury)

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