Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reasons To Vote Against Elena Kagan...

1. Law professors seem to love her. Anything the legal profession likes, is probably bad for the rest of us. And besides; those who can, do, those that can't, teach, and those that can't even do that, work for the government.

Academics do NOT live int he real world, often. Barack Obama was a law professor (Constitutional law, wasn't it?) and he couldn't find the Constitution with both hands and a flashlight. And if he has, he obviously hasn't read it. After all, here's the man who boldly implied over the weekend that we Americans have too many options, and have too much information for him to govern in the same way that Stalin did, and to cry about it. Goddamn that First Amendment!

I rest my case.

2. Kagan has no record, to speak of. And what there is, is extremely thin gruel. Barack Obama has succeeded in finding someone even less-qualified than he is for one of the most powerful positions in the United States Government, and worse, a position where she will be ensconced -- even becoming an institution, perhaps -- before her career is over. Obama will be gone, eventually, but his "legacy" of Sotomayor, and now potentially, Kagan, will continue to haunt and torture us for a very long time.

3. Obama really had to sell her at the Presser yesterday. He was pulling out all the stops, and his Teleprompter almost overloaded on adjectives of praise. If you have to try that hard, then she's probably not all that good to begin with. You're trying to shine a turd, As soon as Obama had to mention that Kagan represented a certain "diversity" on the court, I gagged. If anything, Kagan seems to represent more of the Ginsburg/Sotomayor school of using the court to advance liberal and identity politics that cannot be carried by electoral processes, although I have to admit this is more about a feeling than actual fact. I can't actually prove that she would be just another pro-Libtard/Anti-America vote.

Going back to the praise thing, Obama alluded to the fact that Kagan was friendly with Thurgood Marshall, burnishing her Extra-Legal-Rights-And-Reparations-For-Blacks...ooops...I mean, Civil Rights cred. He gave us the usual Americana story of the child of immigrants -- wasn't Sotomayor the child of immigrants, too? -- making good against apparently insurmountable odds(we love that shit). Because, you know, in today's America where immigrants are in danger of being put into Concentration Camps, it's amazing that the chld of an immigrant achieves anything at all. And then he praised her for making the "commitment" to choose "service above money" in her legal career.

Like "Dean of Harvard Law School" pays minimum wage? And besides; considering what the Best and Brightest that The Ivy can produce have done to us in the last 12-20 years, that's perhaps not the vaunted position it probably once was. The inference that Kagan was "superior" for having chosen government over profit, is almost a fetish with Obama. He's deeply delusional in this way, and it's always used to take another swipe at Wall Street and Evil Capitalism; she could have been a corporate attorney and made a shitload of money, but she chose government "service" and teaching, instead. She's better then Them, and by Association, so am I, Obama. Actually, it's probably more like government service and teaching chose her; the reason she didn't make all that Wall Street money is that she probably wasn't a very talented lawyer. Again, those who can, do...

Oh, and then Obama mentioned Campaign Finance Reform and Corporate contributions, the very thing he lost out on in the Court a few months ago. The hint was that Kagan would probably reverse the decision that would have cost Obama millions in contributions (and probably the presidency) had the Court made the same decision earlier. Of course, Obama got the most money from Goldman-Sachs and British Petroleum, so people in glass houses and all that. When Obama is getting their money -- and can keep it a secret -- then Capitalists are mighty fine people, indeed.

When you have to slather it on that thickly, hoping, praying that some of it sticks, you're probably trying to sell lemons.

That press conference yesterday was enough to make me vomit. That alone would cause me to vote "No!" on Elena Kagan if I were in a position to do so.

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