Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bedbug Problem Now Officially Upgraded to Crisis!

This changes everything;

Bedbugs found at Bloomingdales.

Some predictions:

Expect the rich folk to scoff at the treehuggers, whom they formerly loved so much, and demand that Congress allow the reintroduction of DDT in order to drive the vermin from their homes to protect their precious minks and Versace clothes!

Expect to see a lot of stories in the media soon about domestics being discriminated against because of their race and/or immigration status, as the oh-so-sensitive Upper East Side Twits starts firing the cheap, illegal labor that brought this plague into their expensive homes, and which may bring them great social embarrassment.

Expect the words "Guaranteed Bedbug Free" to start popping up in tony department and furniture stores in the very near future.

Expect landfills to start filling up with old mattresses and clothes, leading to the next ecological disaster to be milked for billions by the usual crew.

Remember: nothing is ever a problem until Rich Liberals are directly affected...and then it becomes a crisis demanding swift action!

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