Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Dodged A Bullet....

John Kerry is a waste of DNA.

The American Public is too stupid to understand the issues that confront them, says Kerry.

Say what you will about the American People, Senator: they were at least smart enough to keep you and your Two-timing Poodle Boy from the White House. I guess you're still bitter about that, or maybe it's just that Ter-ay-zuh hasn't stopped hounding you to get back all her inherited millions that you squandered in the attempt.

It must be difficult living with a wealthy drunk who is capable of kicking your ass, and who probably reminds you of your failings and shortcomings as a man on a daily basis.

But really, must you take your sense of frustration, the knowledge your personal inadequacies, the sting of your failures, out on us? We're not to blame: in the great choice between Giant Douche and Turd sandwich, we opted for Turd Sandwich (he, at least, didn't insult our intelligence, or try to dodge taxes on his foreign-built luxury yacht) , and frankly, some of us would dearly love for him make a triumphal return, given the current state of affairs and personalities.

Get over it, already: you lost to a man your party insists was a mouth-breathing doofus, and in retrospect, he looks more and more like a gold-plated Pericles in comparison to you and your lot with every passing day.

As an aside, I would like to encourage the Press in this country to stop talking to John Kerry, about anything. He's about as interesting as a piece of dry toast, and just slightly less-useful than mammary glands on a bull. He never has anything worthy of note to say, and his sort of condescending, old-New England money patronizing gives most people the piles.

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