Friday, September 24, 2010

Of School Buses and Dimwits...

There's a lot of stuff going on here on Staten Island involving school buses. The Department of Education (that's three lies for the price of one) is refusing to provide school bus service for 7th and 8th graders here on the island, a service that has been around for years.

The Educrats claim this is a cost-savings measure; local parents call it "bullshit". The parents do so because the DOE won't answer their questions, won't provide any information, and after two lawsuits, even the judge is beginning to ask just what the fuck the DOE is talking about.

Now, I don't have any kids (that I know of -- wink, wink) attending public school here in New Yorkistan. So, this shouldn't matter to me. But, it does, mostly because my nephew is one of the kids affected (more on this in a second), and because, well, any opportunity to piss on City Government and Mayor Doomberg is just too good to pass up.

My nephew is 11, going on 12. The school he attends is something like 3 miles (as the crow flies) from his house. Without a school bus, Mikey is forced to take a round-about route to get there: he walks 5 blocks (that's half-a mile) to the local train station, and after taking the train for 3 stops, walks another 5 or 6 blocks to school (taking the City bus is an adventure: The "Long" route requires 2 buses, and the "Short" route, 3. Suffice to say, you could walk the 3 miles on one leg and get there faster than if you took the City bus). Both ends of that walk require him to cross streets that simply were not designed for the traffic they now carry (most streets in this borough follow the same path as they did in Revolutionary War times), and the average Staten Island driver resembles a kamikaze pilot on speed -- with the added benefit that most can be counted upon to be texting, yacking on the cell phone, shaving, putting their makeup on, or wiping up the Starbuck's spill in their lap, anything other than paying attention to the road.

I would hazard to guess that your average Staten Island driver learned to operate a motor vehicle at a Demolition Derby school, and presumes that it is his/her God-given right to do 80 in a 35 zone -- in reverse and blindfolded -- if they goddamned well please. Crossing a street on this island is like taking your life into your own hands; these assholes all ride around in SUVs and actually try to panic pedestrians into crossing before the light changes, or they have to suffer the inconvenience of waiting another 3 minutes to make that all-important left turn that only takes them to the next red light.

Pedestrians? You get points for hitting those, right? Red lights? Those only apply to everyone else on the road. Turning lanes? What the hell is a turning lane? Even the sidewalks are often unsafe, as it's not unknown for drivers stuck behind one another on narrow roads to turn them into impromptu, personal express lanes. Provided there even IS a sidewalk -- in some neighborhoods, sidewalks are like woolly mammoths; no one's ever seen one, but you remember someone once told you they existed.

This is life in the Forgotten Borough of New Yorkistan, c. 2010.

The DOE isn't interested in saving money, but they can't go out and say what their real concern is.

Staten Island's White Middleschoolers get bus service, but the rest of the kids in the city --The Diversity -- does not.

Typically, this is because the Diversity lives in places where there is adequate public transportation, and where there's also more schools. This isn't the case on Staten Island, so it's not unusual for a Middleschooler to have to have a commute that rivals his parent's.

When the DOE Dingbat said, "Times are tough..." that is bureaucratic crapspeak for "Bend over and take it, Whitey". The fact that none of the DOE doofuses involved in this fiasco can tell you exactly why they're doing this, or how they arrived at the decision to do it, tells you all you need to know:

It's all about race.

When it doesn't make sense, when no one can offer a logical explanation, when someone cites cost when the agency in question wastes more money keeping hundred of teachers in Rubber Rooms, often for a decade or more, you can rest assured that we're not talking about a policy based upon logic or economy.

Someone must have gotten her panties in a bunch to discover that somewhere in New York City, white kids were getting chauffeured to school, and it rankled. Why, that's not fair to all the kids who have to walk three blocks to go to school! It's yet another example of institutional racism!

And so now a couple thousand schoolkids will have to dodge traffic, along streets that might not have sidewalks, prowled by idiots who know where the accelerator is, but treat the brake pedal as an afterthought, to get to a school that's further away from home than most of their parent's jobs. And some of them are going to get KILLED doing it. I can promise you that, because people being struck by cars is the second-leading cause of death on this island (right after Mob-Style execution).

If you want to know just how much about race it is, read some of the comments to this article left by the dimwit Libtards who signed in to tease the White Guys, and actually accuse those who oppose the removal of service of being racists!

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