Friday, September 24, 2010

Reason #6,741 Why Your President is An Asshole...

Obama to U.N.: Fight Poverty with Prosperity.

No shit? Really? Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Fifty-three percent of the American electorate should be taken out and sterilized with a rusty farm implement, sans anesthetic, this day This is the fucking genius they've put in charge of this country. You all must be so proud.

It would be lovely if Mr. Obama were speaking from personal experience about Prosperity, but alas, he's talking out of both sides of his mouth and rectum, simultaneously.

This is a man who's never held a real job. His entire existence has been financed by someone else, in one way or another. His domestic economic policies -- which can be best described as "take every dollar you can find, steal, extort, print or invent, and then spend it six times" has hardly done much for the cause of Prosperity in this country. It's kind of arrogant of a man who understands nothing about the roots of true prosperity (personal freedoms and capitalism) to be preaching and lecturing to others about how to best achieve it.

As Obama put it "we're changing the way we do busness" by which he meant we'll soon be hanging out the 'Out-of-Business' sign, due in large part to his policies -- nationalize the banks, turn formerly-profitable enterprises over to the unions, assert government control over the insurance industry, tax everything within an inch of it's life, obtain control over your citizen's bodies, borrow as much money as you can from China and then lavish it upon the non-productive, who will do nothing but buy junk food and drugs, and vote democrat with it. In fact, if I were one of those dickheads at the U.N. that had to listen to this steaming pile, I'd be taking careful notes, but only for this reason: I'd listen to everything Obama had to say with the intention of doing the complete opposite once I got home.

Then again, the article did show he at least understands one aspect of capitalism:

Obama urged supporters, who paid as much as $15,200 to have their pictures taken with him, not to give up, despite recent polls showing potential big Republican gains in November.

Some idiots who have more money than brains paid fifteen-grand for a picture of himself shaking hands with perhaps the biggest dick in the universe.


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