Thursday, September 09, 2010

Whoops! I Made a Mistake...

Yesterday, I made an entry on NY Congressional Candidate Reshma Saujani, where I identified her opponent, Carolyn Maloney, as the widow of a man murdered in the Long Island Railroad Massacre. That was an error: that particular sympathy queen is Carolyn McCarthy. I should have double-checked this and verified it before posting.

I've mixed the two up -- understandable, as New York democrats are interchangeable parts who all mouth the same platitudes - and a few readers have corrected me on this point.

I apologize for this mistake -- it shouldn't have happened -- and I will now put it to rights.

While Carolyn McCarthy is singularly unsuited to hold a Congressional seat on any basis beyond sympathy, Carolyn Maloney can't even boast of that questionable "qualification"; her (extremely wealthy, self-made-man) husband, after all, died indulging his passion for mountain climbing in Tibet. She was so hot to get into politics that her first office was as a City Council member representing Spanish Harlem. Just how it is that a wealthy southern lady from North Carolina living on the luxurious Upper East Side managed to convince poor Hispanics and Blacks that she was the one for them is one of those unanswerable questions of New York City politics. She later parlayed that council gig into a Congressional seat, where's she's done nothing except complain about having tits ever since.

She's especially (in-)famous for this stunning quotation about Kirsten Gillbrand, the hand-picked dunce that replaced Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator:

I got a call from someone from Puerto Rico, [who] said Gillibrand went to Puerto Rico and came out for English Only (education). And he said, 'it was like saying nigger to a Puerto Rican'.

The excuse for this that she gave was that she was just repeating someone else's words, but many never believed her, and it torpedoed her bid to run against Gillibrand for that Senate seat.

Again, I apologize for mixing up my Libtards; it was a sloppy mistake.

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