Monday, September 06, 2010

Your Brain on Progressivism...

McDonalds is under fire for making food too expensive for The Homeless* in San Francisco.

How do you reconcile the following contradictions if you're a Libtard:

The Homeless* people need to eat, but McDonald's is suppposed to be bad for them -- unless an independant franchisee (i.e. Evil Capitalist!) makes a business decision that might put more money in his pockets, and price the riff-raff out of his restaurant?

I know: you file a lawsuit! But, barring that, you simply have the local fishwrap waste space on a heartstring-tugging tale of class-warfare disguised as Nurtritional Discrimination.

You know, you usually only see stories about the plight of The Homeless* during republican administrations, ifonly to reinforce thelibtard belief that conservatives are heartless douchebags. I find it amazing that we're seeing them during the Reign of Barack I.

He must really suck, huh?

* The term "The Homeless" is a misnomer: cardboard boxes abound, and it wasn't all that long ago that the banks would give half-million-dollar mortgages to people who had part-time jobs, and a heartbeat.

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