Wednesday, September 08, 2010

From the "What Did You Expect?" Files...

Attorney convicted of stealing from Federal biofuel subsidy program.

Combine the sleaziness of a lawyer with the scam that is Global Warming, and you're just asking to be ripped-off, aren't you? I mean, in the dictionary, under "attorney" it says "see: State-licensed Thief."

In other news:

Al Sharpton is being audited.

Combine the sleaziness of a prototypical street hustler...err..."Reverend" with a taste for expensive suits and the long-ago-won cause of Civil Rights, and you're you're just asking to be ripped off, aren't you? After all, in the dictionary, under"Civil Rights Leader", it says "see: Rich Asshole Who Does No Productve Work".

The source of the problem, in both cases, is government throwing money away -- on a bewildering array of politically-motivated stupidity -- without thinking about the consequences, or making any effort to make certain that what the taxpayer is funding is actually useful to anyone, besides the jerkoff who picks up the check.

When someone finally does get around to providing some oversight, it's usually too late, and the money has disappeared.

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