Sunday, December 26, 2010

Unfortunately, We Can't Shoot Him Without a Trial...

Sometimes, you really don't want to read the newspaper because it may contain a story like this (paraphrased):

320-pound Asshole Rapes Ten-Year old Girl.

This just might be one of those times when that presumption of innocence stuff seems like a reward to the worst kinds of people, because true justice is denied. Without it, the Police can't just impose the kind of justice this guy deserves; to be beaten within an inch of his worthless life, and then shot.

"According to one police source, Nieves told detectives that he believed his contact with the girl was consensual."

Congratulations to the cops for exercising the kind of unimaginable restraint it must have taken to keep this guy alive for a trial after hearing that.

Only some sort of diseased waste of gametes could even begin to make that kind of sick formulation, and then have the balls to trot it out as a defense. Why not just use the good ol' "she asked for it" defense? Why not claim that it's your right to rape a 10-year-old under Sharia Law? I'm sure some idiotic judge here in New Yorkistan will buy that as a defense, because after all, some other douchebag judge gave this guy bail. I wouldn't put it past any lawyer who lands this client to try such so-called legal maneuvers, because otherwise this client is already tagged-and-bagged.

We're talking about a ten year old victim.

It's not out of the realm of possibility that a man who claims he had consensual sex with a 10-year old, and wasn't shot as soon as the cops caught him, could even walk because the criminal justice system sees fit to give him the luxury of a trial. Yeah, I know; that's how the system works, but sheesh! For some crimes -- like those against children -- where we have a confession, does it really matter if the lawyers get to play at Perry Mason? Can't some classes of criminals just be killed on the spot?

If it were up to me, I'd be slathering this degenerate in A-1 steak sauce and tossing him into the Shark Tank at the Aquarium. On Pay-per-View.

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