Friday, December 31, 2010

I Haven't Bashed Obama, Lately...

Which has made some of you wonder if I've been sick, or something.

It's no fun anymore, because it's just too easy. It's like kicking kittens, because the Obama Way has been so thoroughly rebuked and discredited by events. Why should I have to point out what should be so painfully obvious? Anyways, there should be no complacency about the apparent demise of the Progressives because they'll be back, if only because there will be more"poor" and "downtrodden" to exploit; the supply of those never seems to dry up, if only because large masses of people will continue -- are encouraged -- to be stupid, and ready for exploitation.

In the meantime, expect to hear that the Republican majority in the House next year called all sorts of names. Now that the sting of being called Racists, Philistines and Homophobes has, finally, begun to wear off because those words have become exhausted from sheer overuse, expect the new theme of anti-Conservatism/Libertarianism to be couched in terms of The Smart Set (lefties) against the Morons (the right).

Because the Left has to, always, assume an air of intellectual superiority, otherwise it would be unable to identify any great distinction, at all: it doesn't usually do anything. Action is always for someone else, so that one can demand that "the government do something" about Problem X, so that you, the individual don't have to. If the Left can't pretend that it cares more than you do, or that it is, indeed, smarter than you are, then it very quickly finds itself without a reason to continue to exist, The Left always talks a great game about action, it hardly ever engages in any that has much meaning or effect. Most of it's actions are largely symbolic, and ultimately, useless. On those rare occasions when the Left manages to work up the ambition to take action, the results are always, predictably, the same: the loss of liberty, the confiscation of wealth and property, the removal of moral hazard and consequence -- always results that are in contradiction of the stated aim -- and society in general always becomes coarser and more vulgar, and further alienated. And of course, this result simply justifies the next round of oppressive Progressivism; someone has to "fix" all the New Problems that invariably arise from the last round of smarter, more caring fixes to the Old Ones.

When a Leftest talks about "rights", what he or she really means is not an advancement of personal liberties (Classical Liberalism), but the ability to be ever-more libertine and profligate in it's own behavior, manners and thought. It's always about the personal urge to do whatever one feels like doing, whenever one feels like doing it, and always at someone else's expense; despite protests to the contrary, the Left's "concern" for the poor and downtrodden is really just an excuse to acquire more power, and more money, with which to fund and justify it's own irresponsible desires. So when someone supports ObamaCare, for example, it's really not because they fear that poor people don't have access to quality health care, it's because they themselves already have it...they just don't want to have to continue to pay for it.

The great Virtue of Barack Obama, if he ever had one at all, is that from the point-of-view of the Committed Lefty Libertine, he's the perfect foil to anything or anyone that stands in the way of creating that elusive Utopia wherein one may take their pleasures wherever they find them, be protected from the mostly-negative consequences of such irresponsibility, and have the true costs of that lifestyle absorbed by "the government", i.e. by everyone else.

If the typical Libtard advances socialized medicine, and has his arguments shot down by simple logic and math, the same simply cannot happen to Obama; if you disagree with anything he puts forward, you're a racist.

If the typical Libtard puts forward a "progressive" income tax system that punishes the productive and rewards the slacker class and carefully-selected liberals and liberal causes (the so-called "Targeted Tax Cut"), and is laughed out of the room for being unable to see how this ultimately becomes unsustainable, the same cannot be done to Obama: to disagree with Obama makes you "a hater".

When this demented species of Libertine speaks of "our values", and has it noted that his list of virtues does not contain such quaint notions as productive work, responsibility, patriotism, religion, and respect for the law, and is simply a laundry list of means by which government should be empowered to extract wealth and liberties from the pockets of others, the same argument cannot be used against Obama: he's a "transformative figure", after all.

And when Leftards are defeated in elections, it's not because their ideas were bad, ham-handedly -- if not illegally -- implemented: it's because you're too fucking stupid to understand what Obama is trying to accomplish.

In all arguments, the "rules", real or perceived, do not apply to Barack Obama, and in insisting that they do, his "enemies" are painted as the worst sort of mouthbreathing barbarian, on par with the Mongols or Nazis.

On the other hand, Barack Obama is almost totally devoid of anything redeeming, in a political sense: he's inexperienced, he's committed to an ideology which has been tested and failed, he has no regard for the citizenry he was elected to serve. On the contrary, Obama doesn't serve at all; that's our job.

And speaking of jobs, Obama doesn't seem to want to do the one he has, because he takes far more vacations than I can ever remember any other President taking, and he always seems to be one or two steps behind everyone else on the great arguments of the day, as if he wasn't really paying attention. He can't even give those empty speeches with lofty-but-meaningless rhetoric that made him famous, anymore.

Of course, this makes Obama the perfect Libtard empty vessel; Obama will champion any cause, no matter how misguided -- free plastic surgery for non-taxpayers, amnesty for illegal immigrants, government control of the airwaves and internet, reconciling our enemies instead of fighting them -- and you can't criticize him for it. I'm now convinced, after two years, that while Barack Obama took the Oath of Office, it was really Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that were the Presidents of the United States. Obama was just the figurehead; he just played basketball and took Michelle out on taxpayer-funded date nights. This new media-created phenomenon of the "newly resurgent" Obama, this new "Comeback Kid" nonsense, is propaganda intended to hide a very dangerous truth: we managed to elect a complete retard to the highest office in the land, and worse, one that was totally unprepared and then totally disinterested once he discovered it meant ACTUAL WORK.

He obviously was either easily manhandled -- and meanly used -- by his political superiors, or completely unequal to the task of governing.

So, if you come here for your daily dose of Obama Bashing, you're likely to be disappointed these days. The man hasn't done anything in the last few months worthy of ridicule --mostly because he hasn't actually attempted to do anything. Which is par for the course; work is not Obama's forte.

To break out a really old, and I'll admit it, offensive joke, and to try to relate it to the sorry tale of Barack Obama:

What are the three things you can't give Barack Obama?

A Black Eye (an electoral victory for the opposition party)

A Fat Lip (12 stitches from a pick-up basketball game), and

A Job (because he certainly does a very good job of avoiding doing his).

Yes, I know; that was cheap, and it was 5th-grade humor. However, if you need a more intellectual and reasoned criticism of Barack Obama, so that you can feel yourself the intellectual-equal of the typically dumb-as-dogshit Lefty, you can try looking here and here. Because I'm soooo fucking bored with it all.

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