Saturday, January 01, 2011

Soon, They'll Be Considered Obese in the Womb, Too...

...and anew rationale for unfettered abortion will have been found; we're simply killing off the extraneous lumps of cells that would only jack up health care costs in the future, and deny Grandpa his free Viagra and force government to pull the plug on your Grandmother.

Really, it's for your own good, and you'll thank us for it later. The Self-Appointed Hall Monitors of Society simply must be hunted down and buried alive before they make any semblance of what used to be called Normal Life here in America a distant memory.

One Third of All Infants are Obese, Study Says.

At what point does this stupidity stop?

Looking at my pack of cigarettes, one of the warnings states: Cigarette smoking by pregnant women may result in Fetal Injury, Premature Birth, and Low Birth Weight.

How is any rational human being supposed to reconcile these two contradictory ideas, that on the one hand, your child is at risk if born underweight, but on the other, might become a weapon of mass destruction if you should feed it a bit too much?

The article then goes on, after scaring the shit out of any parent without the brains to avoid sticking hatpins into their own eyeballs, to get to the real point of this stupidity:

Researchers say the study is a good reminder to parents to start healthy eating habits early on, including breast feeding and making sure a baby gets regular meals and snacks along with a good night's sleep.

No one, it seems, can mind their own fucking business, anymore.

Of course, we live in a society where this kind of crap actually works on weak-minded parents, the products of a bad educational system that didn't teach them how to think independently, and a media which taught them how to consider their children as little more than a fashion accessory. Heaven forbid little Johnny should show up with unseemly baby fat on his first day of preschool. Heaven forbid that little Suzie should go for the Twinkie when there's perfectly good broccolini and kale available.

Really, it's getting out of hand: children don't play outside anymore for fear of dirt, germs, flesh-eating viruses, pedophiles, cracked sidewalks, raindrops, Global Warming, Amber Alerts, and Bird Flus. Why not just shrink-and-bubble-wrap 'em before you send them anywhere? It's almost as if sending the little ones to school is less about an education than it is Mommy getting a state-funded babysitter and indoctrinator to spell her for a few hours a day. She needs the"Me" time to recover from her day of imagining the worst.

The average kid probably spends 25 hours a week in front of a TV or a computer, and if they get any physical education at all in school, I'd be shocked. Organized athletic activity after school usually consists of sports leagues where competition is a no-no, everyone gets a trophy, and there's no such thing as winning and losing.

Kids today are insulated and protected, but from what, exactly, I'm not sure. Fort Knox has less security than that provided by the typical doting-and-brain-dead parent, these days. Now they have to be protected from food?

And when, exactly, did it become axiomatic that parents were too dumb to make decisions of what and how their children eat, and in what proportions?

Probably at the exact same moment when it became obvious that anyone who would vote for a Clinton or an Obama would probably also be amenable to having some self-appointed busybody with too much free time on her hands (it's usually a "her"), and no respect for personal liberties and boundaries tell them how to live their lives and raise their offspring.

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