Sunday, January 09, 2011

At Least SOMETHING Gets Plowed Around Here....

Post The Great-Snowstorm-Clusterfuck of 2010, wherein New York City's public unions covered themselves in glory for their (non-) work ethic, and petty political grandstanding that paralyzed a city for four days, and perhaps even killed people, we learn what some city employees are actually doing when no one seems to be watching:

First, we have the sordid tale of a $100k-a-year sewer inspector (yeah, you'd have to pay me that much to do that job, too), who uses his official vehicle while propositioning prostitutes, and then tries to flee the police when caught.

It is perhaps appropriate that this man (maybe) earns his livelihood in a sewer. But that's Bush League compared to our next outstanding public servant;

Teacher fired for lesbian sex romp in classroom uses the diabetes defense.

Let's face it, people do stupid things all the time, and by highlighting these two winners I don't intend to imply that ALL public union workers in this city frequent prostitutes, or get drunk during the school day and engage in naked-time revelry. But you have to wonder just what it is that makes people dumb enough to do these things while they're on the job, and in working in their official capacity?

I mean, is the Call to make the Beast With Two Backs that irresistible that it can't wait for after school? That it would cause you to engage in explicitly illegal activity while driving in your conspicuous, official vehicle? It's as if you're not even making an attempt to hide your abhorrent behavior.

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MR. CHAP said...

lol! It seems that no matter where in the Country, city officials always drinking on the job or frolicing with whores. Ah, to be a City worker...

lol@ naked-time revelry