Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I Had This Idea...

About a week ago, I posted something here about strange people who type sexually-suggestive, or sick, terms into their search engines, and somehow wind up here.

I suggested that, as a general safety precaution, this might be a good idea:

"Did you ever notice that when your newspaper or nightly newscast runs a picture of the latest Mad Dog Postal Worker, the most recent Pubescent Loser on a school shooting spree, or this week's serial elevator rapist, the photo they have never seems to be in focus? You get one with the guy in eyeglasses that are simply two full-moons of reflected light, or the photo is old and grainy and so you can't really make out the dude's features. Or the best, is when you get that combination of old, grainy, smudged features, but the red eyes stand out.

So, here's what I would suggest; I would take a photograph of every human being on Planet Earth. Thanks to Facebook, Google Earth and the Central London and New York City CCTV systems, this won't be as difficult as it sounds. We take all the photos in which no clear image was produced, and hunt down and kill the people associated with them...before they kill us..."
You can add people who look like the douchebag up top to this list. Although in his case, I would prefer that he had been confined to a psychiatric facility for a very long time, and denied a gun permit.

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