Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Blogs You Should Read...

The Strike is Over! The Asylum Elves are back on the job, and it's time for some additions to the Blog Roll. Some of these are blogs I've been meaning to add, but just didn't get around to,and a few are intended to introduce a new viewpoint or two. In any case, you should read these blogs, or else Swifty the Discipline Elf will be visiting you with a baseball bat and a jar of Vapo-Rub (and you don't want to know what he does with either).

Powerline - I'm always reading Powerline, which is a pretty good source for political junkies.

City Journal - always has some great insights and spectacular writing by people much smarter than I am. Always a fascinating read.

Tammy Bruce - added because I've been told by the EEOC that the Conservative Lesbian point-of-view was sorely underrepresented here at the Asylum. Actually, Tammy Bruce is a thoughtful commentator who should be given heed. Don't make Swifty angry.

Leslie Marshall - she may be a Leftie, but she's an earnest and honest one. If we had more principled Leftards like her around, the world would be a much nicer place. Heck, if she's good enough for O'Reilly...

And our newest Comrade-in-Arms in the fight against rampant Insanity, the Insane Asylum. So long as the envelopes containing cash keep coming, I shall not sue them for copyright infringement. Actually this is a new blog which in recent days has linked to mine several times, so why not return the favor? There's some good stuff over there...just wear your galoshes when you visit.

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