Monday, January 10, 2011

We're Supposed to Be Afraid of These People?

Pakistani Man gets his ass publicly kicked by his angry wives.

A few observations on this story:

1. I didn't know they had soap let alone soap factories, in Pakistan.

2. What sort of pussy must you be if you marry women who can kick your ass?

3. What sort of douche are you if you find it necessary to marry more than once?

4. I find it interesting that this tale of marital bliss takes place against the backdrop of someone else's wedding. It's right out of Lifetime's Movie-of-the-Week. I should hope the envelope was a rather thick one.

It is a cornerstone of Islamic belief that one of the greatest evils in all of Creation is the Female. There is the well-worn joke that anything that can bleed for five days once a month, and doesn't die, should be automatically suspected of being a Hellspawn Demon with a black heart, but in the Islamic world, this borders on a manic phobia of the vagina.

Women are systematically kept down in Islamic society; they are collected and herded together like cattle, this quaint practice given a veneer of respectability by being referred to as "marriage". In many Muslim countries, women are sequestered and forced to wear potato sacks so that no flesh is visible to tempt Man, or so that the angels don't see the tops of their heads and come to Earth to bring discord. Despite all the talk (mostly from non-Muslim liberals who have no first-hand experience) about the fundamental equality of Sharia Law, there is a story almost weekly in our newspapers about a Muslim rape victim being stoned to death for enticing her (often multiple) attackers, or of a Husband and Father slaughtering his female offspring with impunity. These tales are becoming almost a weekly feature in most newspapers.

Honor Killings amongst Muslims in the West are legion; Muslim men kill their daughters for wearing jeans and eye make up, for dating non-Muslims, for assimilating into Western society (something which offers them truer freedom and acceptance, and the possibility of being something other than a baby-maker wrapped up in a carpet). They kill their wives for asking for divorces, or even making careers for themselves (the men don't seem to have any trouble taking the money their wives earn, it's usually when the wife begins to earn some sort of distinction in her chosen field, and threatens to become more successful than her husband, that she's marked for death).

The newspapers are also full of snippets regarding the sexual repression of Islamic Society, in general: the Army, for example, can show you countless surveillance videos of suspected Taliban sodomizing livestock, or diddling one another, this from people who claim to be our moral and cultural superiors. The Military also will tell you that the laptops and cellphones of just about every Al'Qaeda or Taliban captured on the battlefield or in raids, is absolutely jam-packed with porn. Most of it is a far cry from your garden-variety Playboy/Hustler type, too. Pakistan was identified by Google as the primary source on Planet Earth for internet requests for such culturally-superior fetishes like rape videos, donkey sex, and a rather disgusting fetish which seems to involve people (usually men) having unusual objects forcibly jammed into their backsides.

The Ayatollah Khomeini, it is said, spent his last years creating and revising a code of conduct regarding the etiquette surrounding beastiality. This, of course, was the man who called the United States The Great Satan, and who sought a revival of the Islamic world based upon strong moral principles and strict adherence to the code of Sharia. I guess Allah understands why you would occasionally find it necessary to pork your German Shepherd, or have maintenance sex with your camel.

And now, we have a story about a four-timing husband getting his ass bashed by his furious wives. In two weeks, expect to see both of these woman sentenced to death by stoning for whatever reason a Sharia Court manages to concoct. Instead of sadly shaking our heads at that great tragedy, why do not we see it for what it is; two pissed off women asserting their rights, and their humanity?
You have to admire their bravery, because they live in a world where raising your hands to your husband is an automatic death sentence.

Muslim Men are afraid of women. Deathly afraid of them. Have been ever since that part of the world was the Cradle of Civilization (the Biblical story of Adam and Eve originates from Mesopotamia, and of course, it is Eve who's the villain. But even before her, there was Lilith, Adam's First Wife, banned from Eden for demanding to be considered an equal before God. Lilith would later become a demon, a kind of succubus in folklore, responsible for stealing the seed of young men -- the cause of the Wet Dream -- killing infants in their cribs, and afflicting Men with raging and uncontrollable lusts).

I don't know about you, but I don't see just why it is, exactly, that we're supposed to be afraid of these people. Oh, certainly, they can pull off the occasional spectacular display of senseless violence (see 9/11), but that's only because they're incapable of standing toe-to-toe on the battlefield with even the weakest of Western Armies. They lack the courage, intelligence and social cohesion to do so. They hide behind their women and children, taking advantage of our sensibilities, and then treat them like slaves when their utility as shields wears thin. The violence inflicted upon women by Muslim Men is simply a way to keep them "in their place", the men knowing full-well that should Muslim women ever become even moderately "empowered" there very soon will no place for the Men, themselves; the first target of Islamic Revolutionaries is almost always the feminine; they always seem to start with the miniskirt , move on to women working outside the home and the mixing of the sexes, and then brutally enforce the traditional role of woman as field hand, substitute draft animal, and baby machine as the inarguable, unassailable Will of God.

How can I fear someone who's afraid of girls?

The idea of a woman, with all of her sexual powers, being allowed to lead an independent life is anathema to Islam. It's why Muslim women walk a daily tightrope between meek submission and a cut throat, and yet, there must be tens of millions just like those Pakistani women who would take that risk just to assert their own sense of dignity.

And herein lies the weapon with which to bring Islamic Society to it's knees -- no pun intended.

If we're not going to mercilessly shoot, bomb, starve, kill and maim Islamofascists, we can at least start working on their womenfolk; by rescuing them, encouraging them, educating them, aiming propaganda at them, starting a movement amongst them for real rights and equality that will eventually force the radical change from within their diseased cultures that might just help solve most of the problems of Radical Islam. After all, it was women, they say, who tamed the Wild West, why should one not expect them to have the same power to affect change upon the Insane Middle East?

Never underestimate the Power of the Snatch. In the Islamic World, the Bearded Clam is mightier than the Sword, which is why the imams, and the demented douchebags who listen to them spend so much time and energy keeping them hidden and inaccessible. Unleash the Full Fury of the Furburger, suitably restrained by a corresponding message of Common Sense, Fairness, Shared Sacrifice and Responsibility, and just watch what happens.

Of course, Western Feminazis would never go for such a thing. To them, freedom is simply the ability to fuck like a mink ,and then avoid the unwanted consequences through a medical procedure. Consequently, it's why they never take a principled stand when Bill Clinton molests the hired help, Afghan girls have acid thrown in their faces for simply going to school, or Iranian Women are condemned to death for being forcibly sodomized by a rape gang because no one will come to their defense.

Something that starts with two Pakistani women kicking the crap out of a husband building a vagina collection could be only the beginning of something greater, more transformative, and infinitely better for a billion people who have little, and who don't expect anything but.


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