Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Publick Skools Am Gud...

New York City "overestimates" High School graduation rate.

Apparently, the people who run New York City schools can't count, which explains why no one else around here can, either.

Or, more likely, it's politicians playing games with numbers in order to claim to have done shit that they haven't, so they can protect their phoney-baloney jobs. I'll bet there's money involved for every high schooler at stake for every student the City can state has graduated, and then that money went right into the pockets of principals and teacher's union reps and the politicians that feed them.

Here's something that surprised me:

"The faulty labeling, which resulted from improper or incomplete documentation that a student had enrolled in a school outside NYC’s public school system, put the city’s graduation rate at 65.5 percent that year instead of a more accurate 63 percent."

It wouldn't surprise me to find that 63% is no closer to the truth than 65.5% was. In fact, I'd wager there are probably twice as many dropouts as the City says there are, and no one actually knows how many kids transferred or entered another school elsewhere...nor gives a shit.

City Officials are apparently too busy feeling schoolkids up to check their true educational status.

By the way, New York City -- by itself --spent $12 billion on 'education' last year. Good to see we're getting such wonderful results for the money.

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