Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Guy Knows His Shit...

Staten Island man defecates on his girlfriend's door, then sets it on fire.

Was I the only one NOT shocked to discover that this cretin's street name is "Illuminati'?


If this man had smeared a mud monkey upon the front door of a democratic Congresswoman, the airwaves would be burning up about the fecocentric slant of our overheated political rhetoric, which encourages violence against pregnant women. Five minutes later, the Feminazis would chime in, and tell you that had His Main Squeeze simply had unfettered access to a free abortion, he wouldn't have smeared shit on the front door. The Safety Nazis will then get their two cents in, and decide that society is too dangerous to let people handle butane lighters, and then they'll demand that elevators be reduced in size so as to preclude the possibility of anyone stripping in them.

This brain surgeon was arrested by the police and placed in a cell, where he promptly shit again. In another eight or nine months when this guy finally goes to trial (because it takes that long for the District Attorney to sharpen his crayon to fill in the proper forms), his Public Defender will enter an insanity plea on his client's behalf, and our crack (-smoking) Judicial Lions will sentence the accused to about 30 days in a halfway house, because God forbid we label him a lunatic and stick him in a state hospital. That's damaging to his self-esteem, and costs money, you know.

Never mind the other potential charges (which the D.A. hasn't actually charged him with, you'll note): four or five counts of attempted murder, arson, creating an unsanitary condition, and being a complete asswipe (which isn't a crime, hence Sen. Chucky Schumer, but it should be), this man needs the sort of serious psychiatric attention that one simply can't get at a NY state institution because we have instead used the money the Loony Bin used to get to ensure that transgenedered illegal immigrants can get free falsies at state expense, and because Sanitation Workers need to be able to retire at 31 with a million-dollar pension, and free medical. Besides, Geraldo Rivera made sure the words "Mental Institution" are on par with what you can't say about certain minority groups here in New York, the asshole, so that Institutionalism is no longer the preferred manner of dealing with the batshit-insane.

Forget about shooting them in self-defense. Mayor Bloomdouche will get his panties in a knot, and the cops will charge you with all sorts of Terrorist Activities. Because if there's any real terorrists in New York, it's those people who insist on exercising their Second Amendment Rights. And even if you used the very gun you bought from the ATF here from Mexico with you, that's not an excuse.

On day 31, having been released on an out-patient basis to save money, The Turdbomber (as I call him) will be right back at his paramour's door, only this time determined to do the job properly. Because she's probably no smarter than he -- after all, she's having his child, and I'm certain this isn't the first episode she's witnessed -- and is probably dependant upon State Housing Assistance, to judge from the neighborhood (I know it well), she'll still be there, and all the restraining orders in the world not avail to keep her, and her children, safe from this genius.

Mark my words: a year from now, the headline will read "Insane Douchebag Smears Feces on Baby-Mama's Door, Burns Down Her Building, 24 Feared Dead. Judge says "Ooops!""

Forget the frickin' trial, it's a mere formality. Lock this lunatic right the fuck up and throw away the key.

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