Thursday, March 31, 2011

Trump on Birth Certificates...

NBC used to be a monolith of journalism, the Gold Standard by which all other journalistic endeavors were measured. Now it is simply a collection of panty-bunched Leftards who have decided that the public needs to be protected from the truth, and which needs to cover it's own collective ass, since there was no greater Cheerleader for Barry Oh-Blah-Blah than NBC news. Even if that means dismissing out-of-hand that which so obviously blows their carefully-constructed narrative of the Greatness of The Won to smithereens.

What has NBC news in such a tizzy? Donald Trump wants to see Barack Obama's Birth Certificate, too.

I mean, even Mika Bra-bra-za-za-zinski has her titties in a knot over the whole thing, and while I used to like her, I'm now convinced after watching Morning Joe fairly religiously for the last few months that she has the sort of intellectual acuity one usually associates with a grapefruit. Her father may have once been Secretary of State (to Jimmy Carter, which makes that sort of like being the chief clown in the circus), but I'm beginning to wonder just who she had to blow to get that gig.

The whole Birther Controversy will soon blow over, in any case; Resident Odoofus won't be occupying the White House after January 20, 2013, and then I'm fairly certain the fur-breasted, bitter gun-clingers will finally get their answer to the questions that consume their every waking thought: is Obama a citizen of the United States? Is he a closet Muslim? Was his election truly valid?

I would tend to believe there are more important questions to be asked right now: like who we'll eventually choose to replace President Unmitigated-Disaster...and her husband, or How do we repair the American economy? When do we finally achieve energy independence? How many Congresscritters can we shoot (rhetorically) in the Public Square when it's all over?

Once Obama is gone, the Press, especially NBC News, will no longer have a vested interest in propping him up, and then the real investigative reporting that should have been done before they ushered Obama into office will finally be done, when he's no longer of any use to them. Having constructed the Potemkin President and presented him to the world as Savior of the Universe, the assholes at NBC, (P)MSNBC, CNN, CBS and the New York Times will recklessly proceed with indecent haste to finally tell the truth, the whole truth and nuthin' but the truth, vis-a-vis President Marriott-Suites.

If only to save whatever journalistic reputation and pretense to objectivity they might be able to salvage.

Only then will History be able to judge whether Barry from Hawaii was ever eligible, or qualified, to be President of these United States, and then the lessons learned will be carried forward. I wouldn't doubt if in the near future we start subjecting our candidates to such intense scrutiny that they will have to undergo a colonoscopy in order to allay any public speculation that Jimmy Hoffa may be buried in one of their intestines.

The real point of the whole Birther thing in the first place was to find a reason, any reason conceivable or plausible, to keep Obama from taking the Oath of Office, or failing that, of bringing him down, eventually. Unfortunately for the Birthers, Barack Obama requires absolutely no help from them in order to fuck things up royally. Of course, Birthers fail to realize that if they ever did get Obama on this birth certificate thing, it would only lead to the even sadder consequence of leaving the country in even less-capable hands: Joe Biden's.

With Hillary Clinton waiting in the wings -- cleaning her guns.

The Birthers would risk even that; they're so impatient to bring about the Rapture (or whatever the fuck it is they want) that they can't wait for 2013. To them, every second that Barry Oantichrist sits in the Oval Office brings this nation one second closer to complete and utter, cosmic, doom.

Dudes..Chill out. We already passed the "Apocalypse, Next Right" sign when Bill Clinton stood before a national audience and proudly, even brazenly, lied through his teeth.

"I didn't inhale..." He said. And everyone knew he was full of shit, but they still voted for him. Twice.

If you hadn't recognized then that the American Public was content to be lied to in the most audacious and bald-faced manner, and even seem to not only NOT give a shit, but in fact reward the liar who insulted their intelligence with a second term, then you missed your Apocalyptic Tipping Point.

Barack Obama is the man who will destroy America? Fuck, that process started already. Obama just clocked in for the Night Shift. And truthfully, it's been CONGRESS which has done far more damage than Obama, Bush or Clinton. They just happen to be the guys in charge whenever the Perpetual Fisting of America enters it's next cycle. Barack Obama isn't the one who 'ruined' America: he just came along and poured salt and lemon juice in the open wounds.

You want to know who ruined America, then take at look at the people who usually escape the blame for the state of affairs they created: the professional political class, big business, lawyers, libtards, and a public so mind-bogglingly stupid that they made the choice the Press wanted them to make in the fall of 2008. The Press liked the story -- Black Man makes Good in Racist-est Country in Human History -- so who gives a shit if he's actually capable of doing the job?

By the end of next year, they'll have a whole new story to pitch to you: How Did this Douchebag Manage to Scam America into Voting for Him? The truth will eventually be told. Just keep your panties on.

I'm no fan of Barack Obama, believe me, but at this point trying to get him tossed from office on such skinny hopes reeks of the Prosecuting Attorney who went into court with a murder weapon, the suspect's fingerprints and DNA, three eyewitnesses, a confession and the whole crime captured on videotape, loses his case through incredible stupidity -- and then tries to get the accused busted on a jaywalking rap, just to save face.

Barack Obama's Birth Certificate just might turn out to be the political equivalent of The Bloody Glove.

They way I figure it, the Press will be insanely interested in finding out for you, but only after the man they've built up has finally begun his downward spiral. It's how Leftards play politics: they not only bury their dead, they rush to be the first to bury their wounded, too. In the meantime, it's not as if Barack Obama is actually in the White House, what with all the vacations, golf outings, campaign stops, set speechifying in front of hand-picked crowds with three teleprompters in tow, so why not just let the issue lie for now?

I mean, imagine how much worse it could be if he were actually trying?

The only good thing about this brouhaha is that Next Time We'll Ask. All political candidates will probably be posting their Birth Certificates on billboards from here on in.

As for the possibility of Donald Trump being a contender for President of the United States: do you honestly imagine he could do worse than any of the Professional Politicians we're likely to see run, given the recent track records and current rosters of either political party?

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