Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She May Only Be 8, But What a Rack!

Abercrombie&Fitch develops push-up bikini top for pre-teens.

I think Mr. Steyn has said all that need be said here. Except this:

Abercrombie&Fitch is gay. Anyone who wears A&F is probably gay, or at least a dipshit metrosexual who one day hopes to finally make a definitive decision about whether he's truly gay, or rather prefers the ambiguity of being steadfastly androgynous. I would implore anyone who owns A&F stock to dump it, post haste, because it's no longer all about providing high-quality clothing (says who? You might put that shit on a Ken Doll, or maybe your poodle!) at exorbitant prices, and all about sexualizing children, because nowadays, pushing the envelope of common decency is how one promotes one's business, and gets all the favorable 'buzz' in the fashion world.

What's next? Jock Strap bathing suits for the Obese? Stirrup Pants for Double-Amputees? Dress slacks with an easy-entry, velcro-attached drop panel in the seat for that business-casual work environment? Split-crotch boating outfits? A line of Infant's clothes with built-in pacifiers...in the ass?

It's bad enough there's pedophiles running around loose (because shooting them is considered bad, for some strange reason) now someone thinks it's a good idea to dress little girls up like hookers? Don't get me started on the parents who would actually consider buying their little girl something like this...


gene said...


And while we're at it, we should get rid of Hollister as well? Queues outside the shop, virtually pitch black interior, bouncers at the door and if you're larger than a 34" waist their not interested in selling to you... whats the fucking point?!?!?!

Matthew said...

There's a point to it, other than exploiting people's sense of vanity?