Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birth Tourism for Fun and Profit...

This was posted last week at Five Feet of Fury, and I had meant to talk about it, but got sidetracked. It's about the new phenomenon of Chinese Birth Tourism, wherein pregnant Chinese women travel to America so that their children can be born in American hospitals with the intention of gaining of American citizenship and all the benefits that accrue to a citizen.

Especially the welfare and education benefits.

And it's not just the Chinese who do it, you see.You'd have to have been living under a rock not to have heard of the phenomenon of Anchor Babies, especially in the context of the debate over Hispanic (illegal) immigration in the United States, too.

It was once said that "the Law is an Ass", and never was that more demonstrable than in the matter of who we give citizenship to, under what circumstances that privilege is granted, and the politics surrounding the beneficiaries.

You want to know why your taxes continue to go up, while your wages keep falling? Here's part of your answer. Anchor babies, H1-B visas, and illegal immigration all for the purposes of living high on the American Hog; a deliberate plan to steal citizenship and all the welfare, legal and educational benefits that entails.

Both political parties, incidentally, are responsible for this: Libs need a constant stream of poor and stupid folks to fill the voter rolls so as to continue to play the Class Warfare card and keep the retarded ideology of their pet causes alive, and Repubs need to ensure that farmers and businesses have a continuous supply of cheap and exploitable labor, and a perennial campaign issue.

If it were up to me, I'd start shooting people at the border and the airports and then clarify just exactly what the 14th Amendment actually says and then cast that reformation in concrete for centuries to come. But then I'm a racist douchebag who hates people of color, or so I'm told (not true: some of my best girlfriends were non-white, and they, at least, will do laundry without bitching about breaking a nail).

Money Quote:

"Americans are indoctrinated to think that the reason we are, on average and by global standards, because of our "propositions" or "diversity" or "immigration" or whatever. But the main reason, of course, is that there weren't enough American Indians to stop us from taking America away from them."

Some will read that and say "Aha! See? White European Imperialism! You stole this land from People of Color and therefore we're  (regardless of which "of color" you happen to be) entitled to get some of ours back!"

In days of yore, there wouldn't have been an American Indian left alive to bitch about having his land stolen. It is an historical anomaly that in 'stealing' the land of the American Indian, we White people managed to leave so many of them alive, their descendants living in their own sovereign nations (Casinos?), as wards of the State.

No Carthaginian Peace here! In fact,social reformers of the18th and 19th century tripped all over themselves, and nearly drown in pools of their own tears, trying to bring 'civilization' to the Indians, and all they managed to create was a ghetto with tepees, in most cases. Social reformers usually manage to achieve so little (with predictable results) because their goals are disconnected from reality, you see. I wonder how many billions have been poured into the Reservations, and just what, exactly, any of it has accomplished, except perhaps higher-than-average meth and alcohol use?

And in the stragest irony of all ironies, it seems as if some immigrant groups are coming to this country now not to conquer it or to become a part of something greater, but to achieve a status much like that of the American Indian! And why not? The government will allow it, libtards will defend it, and repubs will simply wail and gnash their teeth, and then hire the immigrants, anyway. It's cheaper than hiring Americans, after all, and the fines aren't all that bad.

See, here's the truth: the American Indian lost his struggle with the White Man because his was an inferior culture, by any meaningful measure, unable to adapt to changing circumstances. At current rates of immigration (especially illegal) American Culture will soon face the same fate. It will slowly be bastardized by imported social mores and conventions which will have to be accommodated, if only because growing numbers of people will be here professing them.

Now consider this:

Why does Mexico suck so hard? Why is China a dirt-poor (don't believe the hype!) dustbin with little to offer besides starving masses? Why does the Middle East produce fanatical murders with poor hygiene?

Answer: because they're all full of the same people who are coming here, Asshole!

Unlike the Indians, America will not succumb so much to an invasion from without; No, it will invite it's deadly virus in, and in fact, lavish it with gifts. These folks are coming from societies and cultures wherein the words 'democracy', 'republic', 'constitution', 'rule of law', have little or no meaning. They will be discouraged from assimilating into American life by political parties, academics, big business,, the better to manipulate them. The resulting demographic changes due to influxes of huge masses of ill-educated, unassimilated dregs from Third-world Shitholes with Inferior Cultures will make for new political realities, and politicians (being the parasites they are) will respond to them, destroying superior American Culture one piece at a time, trading serial perversion of the System for votes.

Immigration is fine. I'm the descendant of Italian Immigrants, myself, and so long as the paperwork is filled in, the new arrivals are paying income taxes (one of the lies of the Unfettered Immigration for All crowd is that illegals pay taxes; yes -- only the ones they can't avoid, Dipshit! -- but not Income Taxes) , speaking English, assimilating and in possession of at least an inkling as to what it means to be an American, then I'm all for it. Let 'em in.

It's the exploitation of loopholes -- most of them put into the law specifically by Congresscritters who have been paid for the privilege of destroying their country -- and the lack of enforcement of existing law, that gets my goat. I say we pass a law, and make it retroactive to say, 1986 (when Reagan declared a general amnesty) that if you're born in American hospital you are not granted citizenship unless at least one parent is already a citizen. Otherwise, you're shit out of luck.

But if you needed proof that we're being harmed by our own stupidity over the immigration issue, here's your proof. On the Internet, and brazenly advertised.

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