Sunday, April 10, 2011

Iowahawk: Better Than Sex, Ice Cream, and the Stanley Cup Playoffs...

...all rolled into one, and He can only be surpassed by those rare circumstances wherein one has contrived to have all three at once.

Lindsay Graham (Douche-SC) is an asshat.

This has been true and obvious to anyone with the same sense possessed by a crack-addled Rhesus Monkey for many years now. Much like his counterpart, the Insufferable Charles Schumer (Sphincter - NY), it is a complete mystery as to how such men manage to continually garner electoral laurels despite any display of rudimentary thinking skills...until you stop to consider just what actually LIVES in South Carolina (hint: Darwin may have been wrong. I've seen it close-up and personal-like).

One must come to the inevitable conclusion that South Carolina, much like New York, is simply infested with nosepicking retards who have somehow managed to retain the right to vote. Time to re-institute the old Poll Tax, and add some Basic Literacy testing and a photo-id requirement as a requisite to exercising the franchise, if you ask me. It's the only way to ensure that parasites possessed of the same sort of bulletproof and paralyzing stupidity, of the kind displayed by Graham and Schumer, are reduced to earning a living in ways which befit  both their limited acumen and dubious skill sets: selling boiled goobers by the side of the Interstate, or maybe, as the Albino Banjo Player in the national dinner-theatre touring troupe of The Deliverance.

I have less use for Lindasay Graham than a dog has for his fleas.

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