Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'm A State Assemblyman...and An Idiot, Part II...

New York State Assembly announces legislation to formally name a State Vegetable.

Personally, I'd cast my vote for "Charles Schumer".

You'd think these people would have had better things to do with our time and money (like figuring out how to save both?) ,and apparently, you'd be dead wrong. I guess there's no pressing needs up in Albany that might require the attention of our part-time-but-paid-full-time Assembly. Not like there's a $9 billion budget deficit to deal with. Not like our Schools aren't filled with mouth-breathing dunces, both students (inmates) and teachers. Not like business is fleeing the State. Not like we spend more on Welfare programs than we do roads, bridges, and infrastructure projects that might cause one to wonder whether government's priorities are in accord with reality.

Nope. None of that is actually happening, you see. That's all just an invention of FoxNews and Rush Limbaugh. Our state government has more important issues to tackle, like whether we like onions or corn better (and the answer to that question probably depends on which lobby paid more for this dubious distinction).

Last week, it was an Official Scent, this week, an Official Vegetable.

I wonder sometimes whether this planet isn't simply the loony bin for some extraterrestrial race, and this State the Rubber Room.


Mr. Chap said...

Wow, I couldn't believe it when I read this.

I tried to find out how much money it's costing to do this. I called freshman Senator David Carlucci's office in Albany (518-455-2991) and his office in Nanuet (845-623-3627) for some answers. I got no answers. His money is on the onion.

Matthew said...

The only way to get the attention of a New York State Assemblyman, of either party, is to stand out in front of their offices waving cash -- or a search warrant -- Mr. C.

I'm told a paternity suit or sexual harassment indictment sometimes works, too.

I'm not surprised you didn't get an answer (or did you, with the onion comment? I'm confused). New York politicos are perhaps the least likely to respond to a direct inquiry from a citizen.