Friday, April 29, 2011

Reason #42,356 Why Your Government is Run By Retards...

Federal Government runs year-long sting operation to arrest Amish farmer for...selling milk.

Now I know why no one is catching illegal immigrants or shooting terrorists. Federal authorities apparently have nothing better to do than to feel up 6-year olds at the airport, and harass what is perhaps the last group of decent, civilized, unoffensive people left in the United States.

What? Slow day in the War on Drugs?

Don't have a Mafia Don to wiretap?

Can't find a child molester to roust?

Run out of the ready supply of Congressional Democrats with a Frigidaire full of ill-gotten greenbacks?

I would have thought those would be as common as dogshit, and seeing as how Irish-Setter stupid they are, exceedingly easy to catch.

Screw the 'Food Safety Issues': if some douchebag wants to drink raw milk, and take her (it's usually a Her) chances with all sorts of parasites and pathogens, then that's her problem. Just remind her that if she should get sick, and show up in an Emergency Room and demand ObamaCare, she ain't getting any. The government's job isn't to protect people from their own stupidity. If we simply let the people who would drink raw milk, inject heroin, engage in risky sexual behavior, hang-glide, ride motorcyles without helmets, climb mountains int he dead of winter, etc. die as a result of their stupidity, we'd have a much better country, and a smaller, less-expensive, and less-oppressive government.

And the Amish would be safe!

Eric Holder must be proud. I can't wait for the Press Conferrence in which he claims to have struck a blow against unsafe bovine products, and the evil Amish, who are white -- which makes them born criminals, in his book -- and undeserving of civil liberties and economic freedom, anyway.

In any other society a farmer or businessman who responded to the needs of the marketplace would get rich. In Modern America, it can get you arrested, unless you've managed to make enough campaign contributions, a nd since the Amish won't put up much of a fight, are an insignificant voting bloc, have no lobbyists, they're easy to push around -- not like the 15 million illegal aliens hiding in plain sight all over the country.

Personally, I believe these Whole Foods people are a bunch of whackos, anyway. Today they espouse the belief that raw milk 'is better for you'; given a few more months, they'll be telling you it's best to suck it straight from the udder. Mark my words.

Besides, isn't the First...ahem...Lady crusading for healthier food, spending millions of taxpayer dollars, leaving a massive Air-Force-One carbon footprint in the process, to get Americans to eat healthier? How to reconcile all the contradictions?

In a time of economic hardship, and when there are serious criminal issues to tackle with National Security implications (terrorism, drugs, illegal immigration) the Obama Administration's law enforcement arm spends a shitload of money -- and an entire year undercover -- to arrest a guy for engaging in productive economic activity that would be perfectly legal in even the worst Third World shithole. I guess because GE doesn't get a cut of his profits, and the Obamatard didn't get the Amish Vote, there's no Union Labor involved and he's not collecting sales tax as an agent of the State, this farmer has to suffer the consequences.

And really, did you need a year-long undercover operation to catch an Amish dude? Then again, the government can't keep inbred Taliban mountain folk in a prison inside a country where there's 140,000 American soldiers on duty, so I guess this is par for the course.

For all my libtard friends out there who say the government can't find any money to cut in the Federal Budget without those cuts leading to dire and catastrophic consequenes that probably include mass flooding, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, a raging cholera epidemic, a rain of brimstone, the Earth flying off it's axis, and, of course, 'starving children and homeless elderly', I say: maybe if the Government wasn't busy arresting and prosecuting people for selling a legal product -- milk -- we might be able to afford a few more cardboard boxes with which to warehouse the elderly, and the kids could drink all the fucking milk -- pasteurized or not --they wanted.

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