Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End-of-World Fearmonger Disappointed...

The man seems beaten and dejected, and is perhaps the first casualty of a long, silent war against extreme Christianity?

And yeah, it is extreme Christianity. If we can have Extremist Islam, why not Extremist Christianity? Anything which disguises itself as a religious faith, yet fervently prays for the End of the World and the horrible deaths of billions of people it considers 'sinners' while screaming selfishly for it's own salvation -- fuck everyone else! -- is extreme.

And fucking crazy.

We may have just seen the first 'convert'; a formerly-dedicated follower of this stupidity just had his deepest and most cherish beliefs tested. And they failed. In front of crowds, television cameras, newspaper reporters, in front of the entire world. Now Mr. Fitzpatrick apparently wants nothing more than to withdraw from the world, and there's even hints that his own family has now ostracized him. I almost feel sorry for him.

Almost, because I happen to know he got a good education (I went to the same high school as Fitzpatrick) and I know they taught him how to think. He forgot that, and instead let unquestioning credulity (they call it 'faith') guide him instead of his innate reason. Where did it get him? He's flat broke now, having squandered $140,000 on bus and subway ads telling people to repent. He's been embarrassed before the eyes of the world. His family holds him at arm's length. Everything he's believed in or ever felt passionately about turns out to have been a false hope.

I'd be fucking depressed, too.

Some people just weren't fazed at all and will continue on with their mindless stupidity as if nothing had ever happened, and these are the really dangerous ones, if you ask me. The true fanatics. Under different circumstances, every last one of them has the makings of a suicide bomber.

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