Friday, May 27, 2011

No Prom For You!

A local high school has decided that a quarter of it's seniors are to be barred from the Prom, this decision stemming from an incident of drunken vandalism that showed up...predictably...on Facebook (your children are retards, you do realize that?). The principal, in my opinion, is absolutely correct; these kids committed crimes starting with vandalism and probably going all the way up to DWI. They defaced and disgraced themselves and their school, and they shouldn't be allowed to take part in any activity that is predicated upon school spirit or ties, having just demonstrated that such things mean absolute shit to them.

The response from the parents of these little douchebags, though, was as entirely predictable as it was distasteful: it begins with the "My Kid's a Fucking Angel who's been unfairly singled out" routine, and then ends, as it most certainly must, with "I have a $1,000 invested in this fucking prom, you'd better goddamned believe my kid is going!"

This is the Battlecry of the Middle-Class-With-No-Class which makes up a majority of the local population. They raise baboons and then get defensive when someone else complains about it, or worse, pokes their bubble of suburban bliss by making them have to face the truth about both their children and lack of critical parenting skills.

Predictable: denial that they've raised a fucking Philistine, pissed off because it's costing them money. It's no wonder a good many of the kids on this Island suck: look who raised them...or at least fed them, because if they were actually 'raised' they might have some manners, brains and some respect. These kids don't have parents: they just have people who donated the proper gametes. Children who have real parents don't do these things.

And while the kids at Moore Catholic are complaining about having to accept responsibility and suffer for their foolish actions, another Staten Island Catholic High School -- an older and far-more respected institution -- has celebrated it's last prom...ever. Talk about perspective?

St. Peter's Girls High School is the counterpart to my Alma Mater, St. Peter's Boy's High School. The school has been a part of the community since 1852 (and was one of the best-ever girl's basketball programs in all of New York City). It is an institution. And it will soon be closed for good, despite the best efforts of the alumni to save it, because the Archdiocese cannot afford to keep it open.

The Archdiocese can sell the property of another parish (St. Margaret Mary's) to Muslims who will build a mosque upon it, but it can't find any money to keep St. Peter's Girls open? Typical. maybe if the Archbishop wasn't being chauffeured around in limos?

Anyways. the young ladies who are, sadly, the last graduating class, perhaps had a bittersweet experience at their Prom. Knowing, as I do , how girls at St.Peter's are infused with a sense of self-respect, and a love of their institution, I predict that their Last Prom was everything Moore Catholic's most certainly cannot be. For one thing, it was attended by Young Adults who respect themselves and their traditions, instead of barbarians who get drunk, draw dick pictures on the school walls, and cry like little bitches when they're punished for it.

I'm positive they'll do extremely well in college, too. I'm taking bets that half of the Moore Catholic class of 2011 eventually winds up working for the Department of Sanitation, the DMV, or in jail. Most likely following in their parents' footsteps.

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