Thursday, May 26, 2011

Barack Obama's First 2012 Campaign Ad...

You Should Love $5 Gas America, Because It Means Shorter Lines at the Airport...or something.

You'll still have to show up three hours early for your two-hour flight, but at least the TSA groping will be, mercifully, shorter.

Who the hell writes these things? That's like saying "The Clap is Awesome, because getting it is usually so much fun..."

Then again, you can tell that this was written by a Watermelon EnvironMENTAList (Green on the outside, Red on the inside) because all the 'upside' of $5 gas is shit that only matters to a bubbleheaded douchebag, like 'greater demand for higher mileage cars'. What sort of bullshit it that?

That's supposed to be a tangible benefit of $5 gas that will truly affect people's lives in a positive way?

And MSN tried to pass this off as a business article, too?

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