Friday, May 27, 2011

Can We Please Start Sending These People Back Where They Came From?

Muslims have to invent 'hate crimes' so as to garner sympathy. It's part of the jihad, you know; it's not enough to simply kill the infidel, you have to make him feel like it's his own fault that you blew his office building up, or sawed his head off.

In some libtard-dominated precincts of this country, irrational guilt is mightier than the sword, and the primary victims of the jihad (the ones who won't fight back in the name of  a 'tolerance' that only ever goes one way) will do their level best to hold perfectly still while someone cuts their throat...just to be helpful, neighborly, and PC.

You would think that if you were going to mastermind a fake hate crime, you could have done just a tad better with a little more planning and attention to detail. This attempt is so incredibly transparent. The giveaway: I rather doubt someone who wants you out of his country would go through the trouble of asking you to do so in your own language.

Then again, people this monumentally stupid and anal-retentive are, perhaps, unworthy of any sympathy, at all.

People who are capable of beating otherwise-innocent and unsuspecting people to a pulp in a gang attack, and who have the absolute gall to walk the streets looking like this while they do it, are likewise, unworthy of sympathy.

So far as I'm concerned, until the day comes when Western Muslims can be relied upon to turn in their batshit-insane brothers and uncles before they detonate, and until they take to the streets in the name of tolerance and liberty in the same way as their fellows take to the streets in support of jihad and bloodletting, they're not going to be given any respect or consideration from me.

I hold out no hope that such will ever be the case, so let's save everyone a lot of hassle: leave now. This way you don't have to whine and feel put upon, leading you to craft fake hate crimes, and so I can go back to using airplanes anytime I want to, and I don't have smell you.

(H/T FiveFeetofFury, SteynOnline)

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