Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Keep Telling You: These People Are Crazy...

Ama-dina-doo-dad-day: Europe is Stealing Iran's Raindrops.

Naturally, so as not to be outdone by a bunch of dirty-laundry-wearing, livestock-molesting, wife-beaters in the Totally Batshit Crazy category, the United States announces that it will relax visa rules for Iranian 'students' (i.e. potential terrorists). This is just a super-dooper swell idea, ain't it? Let's open the doors to an even bigger wave of numbskulls who are so stupid as to believe that someone is stealing rain from them.

One wonders why this wasn't reported in very many American newspapers. I think I know the answer.

Of course, this is the same government that insists that throwing Israel under the bus in the name of peace is a good thing, and which believes that repeatedly insisting that Syria is a model of human rights and democracy despite the evidence of their own eyeballs and the nightly newscast makes it so.

You can't negotiate with people who believe you can steal their rain. Nor with folks who believe that someone's spiked their chewing gum with a chemical to make them all sterile. Or with someone who's default position is "I get what I want, or I will kill you...", and yet, some in American political circles continue to insist, despite clear evidence to the contrary, that all the problems of Islamofascism are the result of some simple misunderstandings. Something to be solved over coffee and cake.

Or with Israel disarming. Or with Israel giving their enemies clear invasion routes. Or with Israel simply getting over itself and just deal with the occasional Palestinian Riot, Rocket Attack, or Suicide-Bomber-on-a-Bus in a more holistic way. Yep, if we just sit down and have a heart-to-heart, and make a few concessions to homicidal maniacs with a 7th-century mindset, who believe the rain can be stolen, Peace will break out before you know it.

In case no one noticed, even the Palestinians admit they have no desire for Peace, and that any negotiation is simply a waste of time and air.

Why even bother with a Peace Process, if there's no Peace to get? Because it's easier than both telling the truth and dealing with the problem in a realistic way, that's why.

This Administration doesn't want to deal with the problem of Islamic terrorism...unless giving a terrorist a 9-mm. head ventilation job via Navy Seal gets you a bump in the polls...so it pretends that it doesn't exist. When it can't pretend the problem doesn't exist, it simply maintains that what we see and hear isn't what we THINK we see and hear, and we're mouth-breathing retards who just can't understand the barely-perceptible nuances.

John Kerry ran for President on that idea, and all it got him was a lifetime of being Tereza's Bitch because he'll never be able to pay her back the millions she spent on his failed effort.

The solution to the problem of Middle East Peace is to make certain the Muslims of the Middle East know what the price of continued conflict is: their death and the destruction of what passes for their mentally-constipated culture.

As soon as we get a President of these United States who will actually kill Muslims in the millions until they give up, we'll continue to have Presidents of these United States chase a phantom 'peace' between Israel and people who believe in raindrop conspiracies, and who will continue, wrongly, to insist that the problem is with the Jews -- who need to commit suicide -- and not with the other side.

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