Thursday, February 09, 2012

Think of It As The Healthcare Version of "Catch-and-Release"...

Nutjob climbs L.A. Tower....naked and whistling hymns.

While the President is busy using Gestapo-like tactics to force the catholic Church to pay for abortions, perhaps he could explain what his "landmark" "healthcare" law is going to do to help the truly mentally ill?

Oh, right…democrats only care about that when one of their own has the top of her head blown off by a lunatic they can if-they-really-stretch describe as "right wing".

I don't know about this guy, but I'll bet when someone digs into his background, they're going to find the following things:

1. The Man is "known to Police..."

2. The Man is "known to mental health officials..."

3. The Man has been court-ordered into an institution for "observation and evaluation" more than once...

4. That after 24 or 48 hours of "observation and evaluation" he was released without anyone doing much more than filling in paperwork...

5. There's probably a lawyer somewhere who successfully argued that even if The Man was a stark, raving, lunatic, a danger to himself and others, the State could not force him to take prescription medication because it gave him tummyaches, acne, or simple, chronic hallitosis, and violated his Civil Rights.

Never mind OUR Civil Rights when The Man goes ballistic because his baloney sandwich told him that we're all some form of alien parasite that needs to be cleansed with a flamethrower before Jesus can make an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

The real healthcare crisis in this country is that people who are really sick, and potentially dangerous, often roam the streets for lack of hospital space and funding, because all the taxpayer money that was supposed to go to their care instead got wasted on out-of-whack Union payscales, politicians and free face and butt lifts for illegal aliens.

Sometimes it's more compassionate to lock these guys up, since a goodly number can never be "cured" or "controlled" by the tried-and-failed, standard "therapy-and-wonder-drug" routines. It's certainly safer for everyone involved, especially the cops and firefighters who have to talk this guy down before he lands on some unaware passers-by 15 or 20 stories below.

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