Wednesday, February 08, 2012

This Is Why The Public Schools Suck, Part II...

Brooklyn teacher allegedly molests special ed charges, distributes kiddie porn on the Internet.

And yes, that is a picture of the alleged perpetrator dressed as the Easter Bunny.

Makes you wonder what the hell we're spending so much money on; obviously, it's about keeping alleged pedophiles employed instead of educating children.

No doubt this asshole's union will be front and center in defending him to the death. In New York City, even if this man is eventually convicted on these charges, he will no doubt still be collecting a paycheck and a pension the entire time...while in jail.

Because the ultimate purpose of the so-called Education Unions is not to educate anyone, but to ensure that the lowest-common-denominator in American Life gets to enjoy a decent standard of living, free of responsibility and at someone else's expense, in return for dues which then go to buy politicians. If that cause demands that a pedophile be protected from the consequences of his actions, then so be it. Just you watch.

It's never about the kids.

People like this should be taken out and burnt alive at the stake. On Pay-per-View.

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