Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Romney's Freudian Slip?

Mitt Romney: "I’m Not Concerned About The Poor…"

There are Three Dots after that sentence fragment for a reason; Romney said more that qualified and explained this otherwise callous statement, but don’t ever expect anyone to give him any credit for what followed. Faster than Barack Obama could say "Michelle, pack our bags!" Romney was being excoriated in the media for being a modern-day Scrooge, and opportunistically assailed by his political opponents as someone too damned rich to have clue one about of the travails of the Common Man.

Let me put this out here at the beginning: this Lunatic has always been holding out for Newt Gingrich, and has been beating the Gingrich drum on this page for close to eight years now. I have no great love for Mitt Romney, but should he garner the GOP nomination to run against Barack "I’m-not-a-Real-President-but I-did-stay-at-a-Holiday-Inn-Express-Last-Night" Obama, I would gladly fix bayonets and go over the top for him. The alternative, as we have seen, is simply too terrible to contemplate.

For my money, even Mitt Romney is a better choice in a notional Romney/Obama race if only because he still seems to believe in Capitalism.

Be that as it may, while Romney isn’t really my choice for…oh, anything…I must say that I am rather disappointed in the reaction this sentence fragment, taken out of context, naturally, has evoked, but not terribly surprised. I mean, isn’t this what the Libtard Media and democratic (small ‘d’ intentional) party has been telling the Poor for nineteen million years, already -- that Republicans hate poor people? That every GOP candidate from Dog Catcher on up to President of the United States wants poor people to starve in the streets and to die horrible deaths in the worst Dickensian conditions and traditions?

Of course they have, so Romney in making that before-the-dots statement has done little more than give his opponents more grist for the mill, and they, predictably, ran with it in an attempt to smear him as some sort of heartless moneygrubber. It’s what they do, even though they know in their black little hearts that Romney isn’t really that unsympathetic and unfeeling. By uttering the words, which are then automatically presented out of context, Romney only sings a chorus of one of their favorite tunes, and does their work for them.

But let us assume for a moment that Romney really was that sort of cold and uncaring bastard, and forget the Three Dots. If you took that sentence fragment at face value, as if it were some sort of Freudian slip and the man was actually saying something he believed, do you think you might find yourself – even for a second -- in agreement with him?

My answer is HELL YES. Here’s why:

"The Poor", as a class, fall into three categories. The first category are those who, usually through some failing of their own, are unwilling or unable to make themselves useful and productive members of society. Typically, they wander about uneducated, with criminal records, no moral or ethical code, having been raised like feral wolves. Unwilling to make an effort to better their own lives, this behavior is usually a result of having learned to take advantage of the kindness of others or government. Though many are quite capable of doing some form of work to earn a living, they’d much rather be bottom-feeders, and live – even badly – off the scraps tossed to them by charity and government.

It requires no personal effort, you see. It's easier that way.

The second category consists of those people who have had their poverty engineered for them, typically by government. A great many of the people "who fall between the cracks" of society find themselves solidly within this second rank; those with some form of slight-yet-not-truly-disabling-disability or the elderly pensioner. Newt Gingrich was correct when he criticized Paul Ryan’s "reform Social Security" plan as Right-Wing Social Engineering; any true conservative (small ‘c’ intentional) would instead be arguing that Social Security shouldn’t even exist, let alone be reformed. Why should a conservative work to save a Left Wing program that does little more than make people the slaves to the democratic party? Are we supposed to make them the slaves of the GOP, instead? But, I digress…

The third category of The Poor is totally given over to the Demonstrably Stupid. This is, surprisingly, a rather large class of people who are possessed of just enough animal intelligence to eat, reproduce, and operate a cell phone or video game. This is a class of people for whom 21st Century technology has made it possible for them to not only survive, but to apparently thrive without any obvious effort whatsoever on their own part. The Demonstrably Stupid find themselves poor because they simply cannot think much further than their next uncontrollable and infantile impulse, and they have been largely shielded – by the culture, by government, by others who take a maternal interest in them – from the true consequences of their stupidity. This is, perhaps, the largest group of the Poor there is. It must represent at least 50% of the American population, to judge by how many of them eventually show up on Judge Judy, The People’s Court or The Maury Povich Show.

All three categories exist because some outside force requires that they should. This must somehow be true -- for if we take it for granted that human nature compels Man to crave the rewards of effort, drives him towards distinction and accomplishment, that if Man really is motivated by a great desire for self-preservation and that this drive is instinctive -- then there must be some external and mechanical reason for why so many utterly fail.

And worse, they’re failures in a country which, even after Barack Obama is done with it, will still be the freest and provide the most opportunity to it’s citizens the world has ever known. They should have no excuse.

Something must be interfering with the instinctual drive for self-preservation and improvement. Broadly speaking, those outside influences must be one or all of the following: Cultural attitudes, Government, and Poor Potty Training (and I mean this as a catchall for "bad parenting"). These sorts of people are the lost. They will never serve much use to anyone.

If this is true, then why should we give a rat’s behind about such people? Useless Mouths, sucking up resources that will be expended to no good end. Oh sure, a few do occasionally escape the cycle of Sloth, Government Entrapment, and Stupidity to break out of their circumstances by virtue of hard work, but those examples are few and far between. Does the greater mass seem to you to serve any greater purpose than as mass consumers and easily-manipulated voting blocs, kept alive by great expenditure of tax dollars?

The answer is No. These people serve no greater economic purpose – they are parasitical creatures, and they have no motive to change that status. Modern Government and culture have made it too easy for them to live, often well, at the margins of American life. After all, "The Poor" in America are not living that squalid an existence in comparison to, say, peasant mud farmers in parts of Africa and Asia. "The Poor" in this country receive food stamps so that they don’t starve, subsidized housing with amenities like heat, air conditioning, running water and cable or satellite television. Many own their own automobiles. Our "Poor" can walk into a hospital at any time of day and night and have everything from a case of the sniffles treated to a multi-organ transplant, free of charge.

Just think of how many times you’ve seen someone pay for a buttload of groceries with Food Stamps, while talking and texting on their cell phones (I wonder who pays that bill?), with seven children by eight fathers in tow, and then drive off with this free bounty in a better car than yours. This is a common occurrence here in New York City, I can tell you.

And it’s not as if they pay for anything with taxes, either. If the numbers I hear are correct, then 47% of the people in this country pay no income taxes, whatsoever, and the only taxes they DO pay are the ones they can’t avoid, i.e. those collected at point of sale.

We live in a country in which the productive are raped in order to support the unproductive, and it has been this way since Johnson’s Great Society bullshit declared "War" on poverty. In that time, we’ve seen the numbers of "The Poor" continue to climb, the amount of money spent on social programs do little else but increase, federal bureaucracies become entrenched and more expensive. We have only succeeded in making Poverty a career choice, and a quite lucrative one, too.

I know what all this Professional Poverty is intended to accomplish (to create legions of brain-dead assholes created for but one purpose in life, which is to vote democratic straight down the line, reflexively). The carrot is always dangled "Vote for me, because the other guy will make you work for a living". The Welfare State is little more than a sedative to seething masses of lazy and violent douchebags who would otherwise riot if we didn’t continue to keep them like treasured-but-dangerous pets. At what point does this insanity stop?

Well, I’d say that it’s all about to come to a screeching halt; there isn’t any money left to pay for it, after all, and Barack Obama’s spendthrift ways have assured us that there never will be. It’s time that the choice to be Professionally Poor was taken away from people, and that those who are irresponsible or stupid should have to suffer the consequences of their actions without having someone else bear the expense against their will. A little Social Darwinism would go a long way towards solving many of America’s cultural and economic problems.

If I parse Romney’s comment, and stop right at The Three Dots, I find something I can whole-heartedly agree with. There should be no concern for The Poor: they are poor because they want to be, and because government has become their drug of choice. You do a heroin addict no favor by supplying him with his drugs as an act of kindness, after all.

Screw the Poor. What have they ever done for us, except to steal our money and convert our economic and political systems from that which once guaranteed freedoms and opportunities, into systems which instead promote the grossest of injustices to occur under the banner of "Love Thy Neighbor?".

The day is coming, rather soon I think, when what Mitt Romney half-said may come to pass as hard-working American taxpayers finally get outraged by an out-of-control welfare state (you know, the one Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum were supposed to have ended in the 1990’s?) that only supports that which they cannot abide. With 80 million baby Boomers – the most spoiled, mollycoddled and insane generation of people ever to walk the Earth – about to retire, the Welfare State is no longer affordable, nor justifiable. With economic hardship staring us in the face, it’s continued existence and Obama’s determined expansion, is unconscionable.

Perhaps Romney, totally unintentionally, and ironically, with the aid of the Libtard media, may have begun a conversation within the electorate that has long been delayed. Maybe it’s time we began to rethink this War on Poverty nonsense, and this Welfare State stupidity. We either live in a free country where people are able to keep what they earn, from their own labor, or we live in Zimbabwe where the productive are harried and dispossessed, and the lazy, halt, and stupid are given rewards they haven’t earned.

We know which country Obama thinks he lives in. Maybe its time for productive Americans to chart a different course, where one of these days Mitt Romney, the Evil Miser, will have a statue – the words "I’m not concerned about the Poor…" graven in stone, erected in his honor somewhere by a grateful future generation – and every one of those people a person with a large bank account, and a comfortable non-government-funded retirement.

Thank you, Mitt. You may have started something spectacular with those words, and begun a national conversation which is long overdue. Only time will tell.

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