Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where's Jared Loughner When You Need Him?

Oh, right...he's already in jail for shooting a congresscritter.

Maybe we ought to be giving him a fucking medal, instead? He seems to have had the right idea, but maybe just picked the wrong target.

(Before I get an avalanche of faux-outraged e-mails from Libtards:  no, I'm not advocating that someone actually shoot a member of Congress, or making fun of Gabby Giffords and the other victims of that particular crime. I'm asking a rhetorical question in a tongue-in-cheek fashion. Get a fucking sense of humor, and unbunch your friggin' panties, you ninnies!)

The Washington Post identifies 35 Congressdouches who used their power to benefit themselves. And just in case that didn't make you sick, the Post then goes on to tell you how members of Congress use their power to benefit their relatives.

It's become clearer with every passing day that the real problem here in America is not our President (regardless of how ineffectual and stupid he's truly been) but our Congressional representation. After all, Obama can only stand before a camera and pontificate, while your typical Congresscritter can actually appropriate funds for this, that or the other wasteful, hare-brained project that puts money into their matter how indirectly.

Nancy Pelosi, when she had the title of Speaker of the House, vowed to "drain the swamp" of Congressional corruption, but you knew that was just lip service. The current holder of that title, John Boehner, is little more than a placeholder until someone more interesting or smarter shows up to wrest the job from him. In neither case did one ever get any sense of confidence that the days of Washingtonian corruption will ever end.

After all, the GOP defended Duke Cunningham to the hilt, and the Congressional dems rallied around Charlie Rangel and Anthony Weiner. Who says there is no honor amongst thieves? Never mind Tony Soprano, the FBI should be targeting members of Congress with RICO statutes.

Regardless of who actually wins the Presidential battle in 2012, the real source of our national nightmare will still be the complete doofuses we have elected to Congress. So long as Congressional asshats have the power to cut a slice for themselves here and there, and to routinely exempt themselves from the very laws they yoke the rest of us with, the days of this Republic are truly numbered.

The political parties blame each other for the mess this country is in, but it's become crystal clear that the real problem is US: we keep voting for crooks, and then act surprised and shocked when they go out and steal. When will we learn?

UPDATE: Check out this brazen theft of taxpayer funds and act of nepotism carried out by the aptly-named Rep. Norman Dicks (Dingbat - Washington).

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