Friday, May 04, 2012

I Am Woman, Hear Me Mooch...

The Obama Campaign Presents: The Life of Julia.

I’m certain this was the aim of feminism all along; creating a woman who is completely and utterly reliant upon the government to supply her with everything. Even a baby, apparently, because with no obvious husband in the picture one is left to wonder where the hell little Zachary came from.

Perhaps Leftards grow in pods? Emerge from bread molds? Maybe John Edwards is making deliveries on the side to help pay his legal bills? Who knows; all I know is that we normal people require a mated pair of opposite sexes to make a baby.

Julia is what is wrong with America. I submit:

Entirely too much attention is paid to women in this society. Now before I get crucified for this statement, let me qualify it: too much attention is paid to the entirely wrong sort of woman in this society. The welfare queen, the whining feminist, the Suburban Hausfrau (i.e. Soccer Mom), the wishy-washy-can’t-make-my-mind-up-today-to-save-my-life airhead, the have-my-cake-and-eat-it-too dipshit, the ones who want to be taken seriously today and then treated like sluts tomorrow, the 5’-nothing, 100 pounders who believe they should be firefighters and infantrypersons, and who cause all sorts of standards to be lowered to ridiculously low levels.

They’re taken seriously because, statistically, this sort of doofus must be the average American Woman, and unfortunately, they vote. It’s time to start ordering up some Japanese Mail Order brides and begin repopulating the frickin’ country, if you ask me.

Taking a good gander at what passes for female leadership in this country in this day and age, one is left to wonder at what point evolution ceased to be a positive force. Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Kathleen Sebelius, Michelle Obama, Oprah, Patty Murray – I could go on with this rogues gallery of stupidity and vanity, by why bother? You get the point – one notices a common thread that runs through them all: every last one is a whining panderer who changes positions more often than a $10 hooker, and can lie to you with no sense of shame whatsoever. Each, in their own way, takes themselves entirely too seriously, and believes, sans evidence, that they are, indeed, “important”. Frankly, American Society and government would function just fine, and in most cases much better, if none of these personages had ever existed.

Each in their own way is an example of a Tyranny of the Mediocre.

This is men’s fault; we’ve allowed this state of affairs, and this caliber of retard, to infect our institutions. Mostly because we wanted to get laid, and so it was easier to simply let them bitch, and pretend that we cared about the things they profess to care about, and let them erect this little fantasy world in which their supposed virtues could be given a chance to flourish. What we got was the current state of affairs.

It’s about time that Men started reasserting themselves, and when I say “Men” I mean Real Men, who go out and work and build stuff and invent things, and not these weasel, pansy-ass metrosexual types who use hair spray and shower gel and wear Gucci fanny packs, wearing pink or orange Crocs. I mean Real Men who fight fires, and shoot at the Taliban, and who weld things, and pour concrete, and handle power tools. It’s time we kept our women in line, especially the Julia-type who figures the world owes her a living because she has tits.

Julia is a rotten example to American Women, but then again, she’s exactly the ideal that feminists set out to create. Julia has the illusion of independence -- she has a modern, happenin’ job/career, there is no man in the picture to tie her down, ensuring that she can gleefully sleep her way through the White Pages should she choose to do so. Julia has the trophy kid that will be doted over, over-dressed in designer finery, given Mandarin language and Mozart CD’s to listen to in the cradle; he will be raised by only the finest Jamaican or Mexican nanny (hopefully subsidized by The State) while mommy is out of the house 16 hours a day trying to earn a living, or doing pilates, or saving the planet from fossil fuels, or slutting about, and do just fine with 45-minutes a day of “quality time” with his mother... when she can fit it in.

Julia herself, eventually, will be worn ragged and within inches of suicide because her busy (some would say “pretentious”) lifestyle will catch up to her at some point, what with trying to compete for a job in a down economy, and having a mouth to feed, whilst avoiding social security taxes on the nanny and maid, and trying to find a man with the right combination of big dick and no spine to fill those lonely nights. Not to mention the Post-Partum Depression she’s obviously suffering from because she saw it on The View. I mean, there’s only so much Prozac and Xanax you can take – thank God ObamaCare pays for that automatically because otherwise she might have to find a doctor to write a script, or worse, buy it on the street from some pusher – and only so many pee-your-pants-drunk-oh-shit-look-what-I-woke-up-next-to mornings one can suffer through without needing a anti-psychotic.

Why, if it wasn’t for all the Obamacare, the food stamps, the subsidized West Village loft, just how would she have ever coped? By getting married -- to a dude? How gauche! -- and having someone share her responsibilities and her life? That’s so 19th century, when Womyn were little more than sexual playthings, and horrendously oppressed because they had to wash clothes and iron, and maybe plow the back 40 while their menfolk fought off savage Indians and risked their lives mining and building railroads.

The problem with Julia is that she doesn’t exist…yet…but is a clear indication of what we’re headed for. There are some forces at work in the American landscape dedicated to ensuring that whatever group you belong to doesn’t have to do a damned thing, and will be entitled to live off the fat of the land. That list includes Blacks, Gays and Hispanics, but Women are on top of the list -- just where the feminists insist they always should have been, naturally. The ideal is for all women to have Julia’s life --where all sorts of shit is just handed to her because she possesses a vagina – and no hint of responsibility or reality seems to seep into her hermetically-sealed existence. Julia is a ward of the state – a slave to government -- who labors under the misapprehension that she really is a free being.

The better to manipulate her come Election Day.

If the government should collapse tomorrow, what would Julia do? Besides bitch and cry about how unfair life is when you're saddled with breasts and a menstrual cycle?

Would Julia have the capacity to be self-sufficient? Would Julia be at the mercy of the chaotic society that would follow in the wake of such a thing? What about Little Zachary? Could Julia, left to her own devices, support and protect him, or does she even really care? After all, Zachary was apparently not begotten in a spirit of familial love; he is the symbolic trophy baby that all feminazis want as an outward sign of their “freedom from Patriarchy”, but otherwise don’t really give a shit about. Besides, you get the impression from this ad that the government "gave" Zachary to Julia, so why shouldn't she expect them to giver her another baby if she lost this one?

My answer is “No, Julia couldn’t find her own backside with both hands and a flashlight…on a good day...there's no way she's prepared to take care of herself, let alone a child. She's never had to.”

Not like Anne Romney, anyways.

Think about Julia's example this way: what sort of country are we creating if and when Julia is suitably “personalized’ for each of the competing Endangered Species…err…Special-Interest Groups now vying for all the taxpayer subsidies they can manage before complete bankruptcy overtakes us.

Imagine Shaquanda and Little Raekwon.

Imagine Esperanza and Little Ricardo.

Imagine Lance and Bruce and Little Adopted Dustin.

Because that’s what’s in your future; if Julia is an acceptable norm, then there’s no reason you shouldn’t make Julia everyone’s norm.

Unfortunately, we’re probably not going to repeal the 19th Amendment any time soon, but it is incumbent upon us as a Society return some semblance of sanity to this whole sorry state of affairs. I think there should be a concerted effort made by Real Men Everywhere to keep these asshole bitches from pulling the lever for the people who want to make everyone a Julia. It’s time to fight back with the best weapons in the Male Arsenal, the ones that Women can’t defend against; Logic, Ridicule and Sarcasm.

Pester the ladies -- the ones who deserve it, that is -- in your life, gentlemen; make the case that Julia is a fictionalized pipe dream and not a real person (you’d be amazed at  how many probably think she is) that offers a very badly-skewed view of life. Make fun of their stupid opinions, and point out the stupidity in them. Forcefully. Embarrass the bitch by exposing her ignorance, and if you can do it in front of a crowd, all the better. Subject every moronic thing she has to say to the sort of biting criticism that will make her cry her fucking eyes out. For three solid days.

For it is only when women are forced to recognize -- and feel, because for women it’s all about feelings -- how truly dumb most of them are will they then make an effort to change. Right now, as things stand, they have no incentive to do so, and expect to be supported by someone else forever. So what if you don’t get laid for a week, My Homey -- that’s what escort services, internet porn and Cinemax are for, after all -- it’s something that needs to be done, if only to save a Great Nation.

Julia must be destroyed, for she’s the anti-Christ.

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