Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"Fake, But Accurate" Was Good Enough for Dan Rather...

I can just see some guy standing before a Sharia Court exclaiming, "But Your Honor, it was the only time she would hold still..."

Whoops! The whole "Muslim Necrophilia" thingy that I blogged about yesterday might be some kind of internet hoax.

Then again, it just might not. After all, the original source – so far as anyone can tell – is an actual Muslim, and a rather important one, at that (A Moroccan Sheik who might prefer to get his freak on in this fashion).

Even if this whole Give a Stiffie to Your Stiffie paradigm is a huge misunderstanding, it does not, in my opinion, negate much of what I wrote yesterday. Even if this story did, indeed, prove to be false, it’s still true that Muslims are disgusting little barbarians who are deathly afraid of vaginas and convinced they have been given a divine right to kill, rape, enslave and steal, and perform all sorts of ungodly activities in the name of same, so long as:

a. They do it to "The Other", and

b. There's little to no chance of retaliation.

Personally, I’m not so sure it is a hoax when you stop to consider just how deeply death fascinates these little turds, and the vast ocean of repressed sexuality that they swim in. I mean, when Pakistanis spend several hours a week sweeping the ‘net for donkey porn, and rank Numero Uno (according to Google) in web requests for rape videos, snuff videos, and bestiality websites, you have to figure that someone over there ain’t getting a whole lot.

Even on my own site here, I get page views from all over the Muslim world from surfers who were directed here by specific search terms like “Donkey Sex”, and I’m sure that when they arrive, they’re shocked to find that not only isn’t there any donkey sex to be found, but that I’m poking fun at them about their quadrupedal sexual preferences.

I know: this sounds a lot like a Dan Rather defense of “Fake, But Accurate”, but there is a critical difference: Dan Rather was – and continues to be – an insufferable asshole with pretensions to journalistic greatness. I’m just some insane moron with an opinion who doesn’t get paid millions to negatively influence the thought processes of unthinking millions more.

Still, it’s even in the Koran or something that The Douchebag…errr…Prophet…himself engaged in this sort of thing, and if it’s every Muslim’s duty to emulate Mohammed then I’m certain there’s a bunch of guys out there making The Beast With Two Backs with their recently Dearly Departed simply for the ecclesiastical brownie points.

So, I'm sorry if this isn't true, and still unapologetic about the fact that I still believe Muslims should become an endangered species.

Make of that what you will.

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Anonymous said...

You say "consider the source, but bare in mind that muslims are an habitually lying and theiving, with no regard for the lives of others and only a passing regard for their own.

(I am quite, QUITE mad myself, severely bipolar, and as such, I like your stuff.