Thursday, May 03, 2012

"What Will People Like Us Do?"

Most likely? I'd say starve or die of exposure.

Potentially? Maybe you'll go back to whatever stinking Third World shithole vomited you up in the first place.

In my wildest dreams? Force you to make some effort to take care of yourself, and relieve the overburdened taxpayer of both that expense and at-arm's-length responsibility.

Regardless of which option eventually becomes the oeprative norm, it's all to the betterment of American Society in the long run, these budget cuts that hurt people.

Granted, there are some people who are truly unable to care for themselves, but it is my opinion that far too many are simply lazy bastards who have chosen government-subsidized poverty as a lifestyle because we've made it a) easy, and b) ridiculously stigma-free.

Now, I don't know Sara Cavasos or her mother from a hole in the ground, nor do I know the facts surrounding their dependence upon government hand-outs, but it probably wouldn't be too difficult to guess at the foundations of their Section-8-and-Food-Stamp-subsidized poverty. The list of her parents' shortcomings probably begins with reckless irresponsibility and then gets progressively worse, so that Sara herself suffers the moral and emotional consequences...while the taxpayer suffers the economic ones.

For it is axiomatic in America today that no one is responsible for anything, let alone the state of their own lives. If you needed any proof that this statement is true, I would remind you that several tens of thousands of Americans waited mindlessly while waiting for their local government to 'save' them from a hurricane they watched cross the Atlantic on television for week, only to drown or become homeless because the local government couldn't or wouldn't even mobilze the resources it had, mostly due to rank stupidity and sheer incompetence.

How many people in New Orleans died or were injured because the self-preservation instinct had been deliberately drilled out of them by generations of entitlement thinking, libtard social doctrine, and dependence upon government? Because that's a) what happens when people are relieved of the responsbility of caring for themselves, and b) the deliberate end sought by those who push government as a means to do anything.

Heck, even the Most Powerful Man on Planet Earth dodges responsibility on a daily basis. But then again, what would you expect from someone who is a direct recipient of this "it's not your fault!" dialectic in which welfare, Affirmative Action, and racial preferences are the norm, and absolution from sins is just a claim of "racist!" away?

Even Obama isn't responsible for what Obama's done or failed to do.

He's 'inherited' a shitload of trouble from his immediate predecessor, trouble he knew all-too-well was there from having a) been one of the Doofuses we elected to cause it, and b) having stumped for the better part of two years on vague ideas of how he would eliminate it. In the end, because certain segments of America have become convinced of the idea that responsibility is always someone else's bailiwick, one could make the argument that Barack Obama is the ultimate expression of how the Lazy and Retarded view the world, and how, if given the opportunity, they would reshape it for their own benefit.

If President Frequent-Flyer-Miles can just throw his hands up, considering he volunteered to do the fucking job, why shouldn't everyone else, particularly those who don't have the real responsibility to do little beyond breathe and breed?

Why even do that much when there's still the possibility of begging and tugging at the heartstrings of the preternaturally overly-emotional and stupid? Why would anyone ever get the idea that that sort of thing works? Oh, right: because it has! Stupid me!

Which is what Sara was doing; begging. We're supposed to have sympathy for a 14-year old girl whose own parents apparently won't do much to give her anything approaching a normal life because....she's a cute-as-a-button 14-year-old girl? Fuck, no!

Sara, it's not my responsibility to feed and house you; that's what you're supposed to have parents for, and if they can't do it, then ask to be put up for adoption. I'm sure some family would love to have you as one of their own. In the meantime, perhaps exposure to a family that cares will be enough to save you from the brain-damage that comes with unthinking dependence upon the kindness of strangers weilded as a weapon for their own enrichment by those in government.

Stated plainly, the United States of America -- and by that, I mean the tax-paying citizens, and not the needy, lazy, dumbass scab-like mass that has formed on it -- cannot afford to be generous anymore, precisely because it's been too generous in the past. We're only continuing to pay those exorbitant bills left to us by previous generations by a misguided Christian Ethic ("I am my brother's keeper...") and because, we fear, the alternative is chaotic violence.

Personally, I'd say maybe it's time for a little chaotic violence, if the end point is a society that is truly more egalitarian in that it treats the lazy with the same harshness as it treats those who are productive. Then we'd all be truly equal.

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