Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Necrophilia, Egyptian-Style...

The next person who recycles that Leftard-approved trope about “all cultures being equally valid” within earshot of me is gonna get punched in the fucking mouth.

News from Egypt, Fountainhead of that New-Fangled, Oxymoronic Islamic Democracy Thingy we learn today that what passes for a Parliament there is considering a law that would make “Farewell Intercourse” with your wife a legal right.

Before we go any further, let’s define “Farewell Intercourse” for those who may not know what it is. I sure as hell didn’t.

From what I’m able to gather, Farewell Intercourse is basically reserving the right to bang your wife one last time before she shuffles off this mortal coil. That’s right, you get to mount your honey just seconds before she takes her last breath. God said so. But, it gets weirder, as most things in the Islamic World do.

This law considers the question of just how appropriate it is to claim your Farewell Knee-knocker... several hours after She’s dead. In fact, somewhere in the neighborhood of six hours after she’s reached her expiration date.

Now, tell me again why it is that we’re fighting a “War” to force-feed these disgusting little perverts democracy, Coca-Cola and iPads? What, exactly, are we building schools, water systems, and training police and soldiers to protect after we’re gone?
Why are American boys coming home missing limbs in an effort to reform and redeem the unreformable and irredeemable?

Apparently, we're fighting not so much to protect Us from Them, as much as we are helping to perpetuate the same sick, death-obsessed culture that drives young men to become kamikazes. Only with purple fingers and Arby's.

And right here in this particular instance (the idea that someone actually would consider such a thing, or better yet, encode it in law, leaves me with permanent douchchills) we have all of the elements that make Islamic Society the deranged, sewer-bred amalgam of suicide, insanity and stupidity that it is:

Sexual hang-ups and obsessions

A fascination with death

The words and deeds of a murdering 7th Century bandit and pedophile taken as the authentic Word of God

If there’s to be a continuation of this “War on Terror” by the next President of the United States, he should take into consideration that the war, to date, has not been prosecuted with either enough attention to detail, or enough devastating firepower.

It can no longer be considered just a simple war against a few extremists and a specific tactic; on the contrary, it must be recognized for what it is – a battle between two incompatible cultures, one dedicated to the elevation of Mankind and the other dedicated to Mankind’s enslavement as an act of devotion. One side believes in Freedoms, Free Markets, and the Sovereign Rights of the Individual, and the other believes it’s okay to fuck a corpse, or a sheep, so long as you don’t try to eat it or sell it to someone else later on (see: The Words of Ayotollah Khomieni).

I wonder what the law says about getting some backdoor action under such circumstances, and can you share her with a friend?

Do you think people this batshit insane should be left alive? I don't. The more of them we kill, under the most merciless and horrible of circumstances, the faster the survivors will suddenly decide that trying to maintain a way of life -- and system of thought -- that has brought nothing but poverty and ruin ought to be abandoned. It is only when people are suffering unbelievable hardships that the begin to reconsider the efficacy of their systems of government and the fundamentals of their culture. In other words, the sooner we start mercilessly slaughtering these douchebags, the sooner they'll give up both their religion and diseased mindset, and enter the 21st Century with the rest of us.

Somehow, this simple concept seems to have eluded two Presidents, to date: the first because he was a religious nut, too, and therefore unable to see this war without it's religious dimension ("we're not at War with Islam..."), the second because he's a spineless little cocksucker preoccupied with the problems of how to slip a program of Reparations for Slavery past the American public under the guise of "economic recovery", and stealthily impose a socialist system upon a democracy that would make the old-line Soviets green with envy -- when he isn't off to another fundraiser or vacation.

These people, the Islamic People, particularly those under the sway of the Islamic Brotherhood, as in Egypt, are deranged, and dangerous. It’s almost mind-boggling how low they’ve fallen when you stop to think that their ancestors built the pyramids.

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