Monday, July 16, 2012

Hillary Clinton Pelted With Tomatoes...

...which is a waste of perfectly good produce, if you ask me. Don't they have bricks in the Middle East?

Secretary of State Hillary "the Hildebeest" Clinton was greeted in the new "Moderate" "democratic" Egypt this weekend by a hostile crowd of people-who-wouldn't-dream-of-voting-for-the-Muslim-Brotherhood with taunts of "Monica!", "Monica!", and a shower of airborne salad components.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person! One wonders if there was also a complementary Islamically-approved vinaigrette served with this humiliation.

Guess all that Smart Diplomacy is paying dividends, eh?

I applaud this "Moderate, modern, democratically-inclined, Islamic youth". They certainly seem smarter than our own!

UPDATE: Word has it that George W. Bush has been quoted as saying "At least they weren't throwing size-12 sandals, still covered in goat shit from the last orgy. Count your blessings, Little Lady! Welcome to my world, Bitch! Not so funny now, is it?"