Tuesday, July 17, 2012

This Past Weekend...

Here's some stuff you may have missed last weekend:

My weekly commentary is up on Diogenes' Middle Finger. Go read that blog, or I will be forced to hurt you.

New scientific research indicates that the appellation "Native American" may not be an accurate one. Apparently, there were people here in the Americas before Tonto and Montezuma, which I guess means that the entire Native American establishment of guilt and grievance can now be considered complete and utter bullshit.

Well, except for the smallpox bit...

I'm wondering if Elizabeth Warren, Ward Churchill, and the casino-owning Indian mafia will change their tune. I figure, no, because being obnoxious crybabies has worked for them so far, why quit over something like a little revision of history? I guess now we know why the Indian authorities were so quick to prevent study of Kennewick man, and to get his dead ass buried so quickly before anyone found out he was (maybe) white.

Now, if Kennewick Man's People were wiped out by the ancestors of the current Reservation-dwelling Indians, does this mean some asswipe lawyer could sue for reparations on Kennewick Man's behalf, and make a fucking killing? Just askin' if it's possible, finally, for one of these "aggrieved minority groups" we're saddled with to get their comeuppance.

Genius of the Month Award: Two Chicago douchebags kill a man, and would have probably gotten away with it, had they not been dumb enough to post a video of the murder on Facebook.  I'm waiting for some Unionized asshole or politician, because you know one will step forward with this argument,  to say that this case is a clear indication that Chicago's Public Schools are "underfunded'.

Personally, I think it's an indication that Chicago's goons are mollycoddled and the decent citizenry disarmed, but I'm not a libtard.

Mark Steyn writes about the convergence of Obamania and The Arab Spring in this delightful little ditty. Message: Youth is wasted on the stupid, and the Media is wasted, period.

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