Friday, June 14, 2013

"Help" Syrian Rebels? Why?

RE: The announcement by the Obama Administration that it will give "aid" to the Syrian rebels currently fighting the regime of Dictator-for-Life Bashir Al-Assad.

I seem to recall an old saying that goes something like this:

When your enemy is making a mistake, don't interrupt him.

Quite frankly, I'm content to let Muslims slaughter each other. It saves us the trouble of having to do so, and truth to tell, they're so much better at it than we are.

Primarily this is because they aren't restrained by any squishy feelings about offending anyone, hurting innocent people, or worried about how the rest of the world might view them in the aftermath of a mass-homicide. There is no political correctness regime that causes them to take anything other than their hatred of one another into consideration when they're fighting; they do not believe in the moral equivalency of The Other. All they know is that this Other Guy is someone I need to kill before he kills me, and then they go at it with gusto.

It's an indication of how badly diseased Islamic Culture (that's two lies for the price of one) truly is that the only thing it can do efficiently and dispassionately is kill.

Some will say that the West in general, and America in particular, has a "moral obligation" to "save innocent lives", or has an opportunity to gain sympathy and allies in a region of the world where such things are rather sparse. Others will make appeal to the American tradition of helping subject peoples fight for their independence and say that helping these particular ragheads is right up our alley.

I say, hell no, it isn't; hell no, it won't; and who gives a fuck if Syrians are fighting for their freedom? If the Syrians are anything like Afghans, Iraqis, Egyptians and Libyans, you can count on three things being absolutely true:

1. These people wouldn't know what freedom was if it bit them on their collective keister. They don't know what freedom is good for. They don't know how to behave in an environment where freedom reigns (have you been to some parts of Brooklyn lately?). Mostly this is because they have lived for generation after inbred-generation steeped in a culture that is inimical to the very foundational ideas which freedom requires, and that Americans largely have forgotten (and thus, taken for granted). These are (in no particular order): the ability to challenge and audit authority, a respect for the life and innate rights of the individual, the rule of law, the rational, empirical method of thought divorced from the dictates of superstition or the whims of the strongman or cleric.

George W. Bush and Barack Obama have talked a good game about "bringing Freedom and Democracy" to the Middle East, but they failed to do so. Primarily, this is because both men (and this is not their fault; it has been an intellectual shortcoming of successive generations of American political leaders since the Second World War) are/were ignorant of their own history, and unschooled in the finer points of their own system of government and culture. Democracy is NOT just a political system that can be installed anyplace like it was a piece of software. It is a cultural phenomenon that only evolved after 4,000 years of (often brutal) trial and error.

As we have seen in Afghanistan and Iraq, purple fingers do not a democracy make. And in any case, once Iraqis and Afghans were "freed" to exercise the franchise, what, exactly, did they do? They voted to put the very same religious nutcases and the remnants of the criminal organizations that formerly ran their government and initially ruined their countries back into power, and then established Islam as the state religion, complete with systems of Sharia law. The same with Egypt after the so-called Arab Spring.

There is no concept of a separation of church and state in the Muslim world, and this is part-and-parcel of their cultural problem. For as long as Islamic stupidity holds sway over reason, the temporal ruler who manages to create a political majority (by hook, crook or violence) cannot remain in power securely unless he has the blessing of a few hundred goat shaggers in black robes. The second one of those so-called religious leaders issues a fatwa against the ruling caste (regardless of whether or not it is benevolent or repressive), the gig is up. So long as the religious doofuses know they can hold the regime hostage and receive special favors and standing  for it, a secular concept of people power -- which is what democracy requires -- is impossible. In the West, we only broke the symbiotic relationship between King and Church with a Reformation, a series of Wars of Succession and Revolution, and an Age of Enlightenment.

2. No matter what the West does, particularly the United States, we will still be the Great Satan. 

And when we refer to this oft-repeated description of America, it is necessary to take a second to try and interpret just what that means to Muslims.

In Christian tradition, Satan is the embodiment of Evil. He is a force to be reckoned with, to be battled at every turn. This mode of thought implies that Satan can be defeated; that his ideals are ripe for attack, that his actions can be countered, that his forces (assuming that he has any) can be met and destroyed, either metaphorically or (as the Rapture crowd believes) on the field of battle at Armageddon. For us, Satan may have power, but his power is limited and we can overcome his designs and intentions.

In the Islamic tradition, Satan is not the embodiment of evil, but rather a malign spirit who's task is deceive the believers, and lead them from the path of righteousness. He has no power except that which Men give him. He is sort of like a minor trickster God whose purpose is more mischief than damnation. The damnation part only comes if you actually listen to him and begin to fall under his spell. In Islam, Satan can be defeated without an apocalyptic battle; all you need is a stronger state of piety. You need to be a bit more literal in your reading of the Koran, and a bit more steadfast in your beliefs.

In other words, what you need to continue to resist the lure of Satan is simply to become ever-more fundamentalist. With a heavy emphasis on the "mental" part. To them Satan is no more of a threat than Tinkerbell; a minor annoyance that can be repaired with prayer, not a soul-devouring monster.

When the Ayatollah Assahola called us "The Great Satan", he did not mean to say that we are inherently evil (people just picked that up by inference). What he meant to say was that what we had to offer -- that is, freedom, consensual government, economic prosperity, human rights, cable TV, hot-and-cold running porn, Pizza Hut, Led Zepplin and Kate Upton -- wasn't worth anything to a people who already had everything they needed. Which he took to mean God, but which I figure must mean compliant sheep with come-hither looks, AK-47's, and the ability to beat your wives unconscious and mangle their clitorises for sport.

What man could ask for anything more? So what if it came with the obligation to pray five times a day, and occasionally volunteer to blow yourself up while attacking an Israeli school bus? Hey, it gets even better in the afterlife, what with them 72 virgins and unlimited dates.

They simply don't want anything that we have, and by that, I mean they don't care about human rights and consensual government. The only things they want from us are our money, our technology, and our slave labor, because if there's three things Muslims can't do, they are: create wealth, build anything that actually works, and work for a living.

3. The last few times we've tried to defend Muslims in the hopes of gaining friends and influencing douchebags, it hasn't exactly worked out so well for us. Here's just the recent history:

Billy Jeff Chubbychaser sent American troops to the former Yugoslavia to protect Muslims from ethnic cleansing. The reward for that was that a shitload of "protected" and "saved" Muzzies went off to fight the jihad in Afghanistan and Iraq. Plenty of our boys and gals came home minus limbs or life because of them. Gitmo has a whole bunch of former Yugoslav Muzzies on ice, right now. Some of them are considered too dangerous to release.

Billy Jeff Horndog even went so far as to bomb an aspirin factory in Sudan, and send U.S. Army Rangers to Mogadishu in an effort to free (mostly) Muslims from the threat posed by Al'Qaeda and the drug-addicted Somali criminal gangs that kept them from getting fed, or even from having five minutes peace with which to honor kill your daughters or rape the hairless little boys in the madrassahs. What did we get in return?

Well, Blackhawk Down was a pretty good movie, I'll admit. But it did come with dead Americans, their bodies mutilated and dragged unceremoniously through the streets of one of the worst Third-World shitholes.

And then we got 9/11 because Clinton and his hairy-backed sumo buddy, Man-et Reno, couldn't decide whether or not to charge Usama bin Laden with a crime for bombing two U.S. Embassies and putting a gaping hole in a destroyer, despite the fact that various governments had offered him up on at least seven occasions. See what happens when you try to apply the niceties of the American justice system to a murderous dingbat?

George W. Bush fought the Taliban and Saddam Hussein, sending one back across the border into Pakistan (which is NOT an ally), and totally destroying the regime of the latter after digging him out of a rat hole like a Koran-reading rotgrub. What did we get in return for that? Fallujah. Ten years of hit-and-run terror bombings. Hamid Karzai, the Middle East version of Al Capone. Billions wasted. Lives wasted.

Because all Afghans wanted was to go back to a simpler time when a man could partake of whatever he managed to steal from another with his AK. A return to a Golden Age, when Men Were Men and Camels Were in Danger. They wanted to go back to a time when the traditional Afghan pastimes of smoking opium, making and exporting heroin, and engaging in a long line of unspeakable perversions with your flock was all there was to life.

Al Iraqis wanted was the opportunity to at least vote for the douchebag who ruined their lives. Al-Maliki is simply another Saddam Hussein in training, but at least the vox populi of Baghdad and Tikrit was heard! We "saved" Iraqis from Saddam and his Sons, but didn't we also let the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs down, and give them yet another reason to hate our collective fuckin' guts?

Then along came this Obamatard asshole, and what does he do? Decide to whack the one Arab Asshole who was at least playing by our rules, Khadaffi. And what did he get for leading from behind? A massacre of Americans in Benghazi which he still won't take responsibility for, or provide a reasonable explanation for.

And Obama's policies are even more warlike than Bush's. Obama kills people with drone strikes in Yemen, Pakistan and Afghanistan, and sent the Navy and Air Force in to bomb Libyans. He violated Pakistani sovereignty to go shoot bin Laden in the fuckin' face. The man who made impassioned pleas and appealed to our "common values" to see Gitmo closed has, if anything, taken a page out of Bush's playbook, and then done him one better.

And that was AFTER he apologized to the Muslim world for Bush being such a dildo.

Does Obama think he's making friends.and influencing people? Doesn't he see that what he's going to get for interfering in this little Muzzie-on-Muzzie catfight is probably a dozen more Benghazis? Probably not. This is, after all, the man who has never failed to lead from behind on a terribly bad idea that he totally likes, beginning with "Hey, you oughta marry that Michelle girl, Boy....'.

Besides, Obama has to give the rubes something else to talk about beside the IRS, the NSA, Benchazi, and high unemployment numbers, right? Why not join another war. It's not like he campaigned for the job by calling his predecessor an amoral and irresponsible  warmonger, right? 

Just this afternoon I heard someone on the idiot box make the case that Russia and Iran are taking active steps to prop the Assad regime up. Hezbollah has entered Syria and has become, de facto, the backbone of the resistance.Some would argue that allowing Russia and Iran to increase their influence in the region is a dangerous thing for America. Quite frankly, I think these people are deranged: letting Muslims simply live is dangerous for America, regardless of who is feeding, arming, and encouraging them. If the United States does commit to the use of force in Syria, it should not be to favor one side over the other, but rather, an organized effort to kill as many Muslims as we possibly can.

Preferably with a lot of great, big mushroom clouds and a glass-topped, self-lighting swath of destruction from the Maghreb to the whole kit-and-caboodle of Central Asian -stans. The only side that matters is OUR side.

And for those of you who ascribe to the James Baker school of constipated international relations where Muslims killing other Muslims "destabilizes the region", I say stop smoking those funny plants. "The Region" has never been "stable"; every government in the region was installed by either the British or the French (and thus have been unpopular for decades), and predicated upon a balance of tribe-on-tribe, sect-on-sect terror, anyway. The only way anyone manages to impart "stability" to a Saudi Arabia, a Pakistan, Tunisia, or even a Kuwait, is by having enough guns (and enough people complicit in your crimes on the payroll so as to be in danger when the lid blows off, too) to keep dissent, of any kind, down at gunpoint.

That, and by bribing the Mullahs, Ayatollahs and Imams to continue to give you the fig leaf of their "authority" while you torture, rape, embezzle and  murder your way through the forest of Middle Eastern politics. Which is what got us into this fucking mess to begin with. It's a damned cycle, and one that seems unbreakable because there has been no great leap forward in the Muslim mindset since 632 A.D. For them, time and history literally stopped the second the Prophet ascended into heaven, and with that event any chance they might have to become rational, thinking, normal human beings, instead of the blood-drenched animals they are, disappeared. Every time we intervene in one of their lover's spats, we just remind them of what absolutely miserable, pig-ignorant, backwards pieces of shit they truly are, and it just pisses them off even more.

These people are not interested in "liking" us, and they don't want to be our "allies"; they simply want us dead, converted or enslaved. If they happen to take their eyes off that ball for five minutes to kill each other, I say let them have at it.

The thought of hundreds of thousands or even millions of dead Muslims at least gives me hope for a future world where I won't have to have my testicles juggled by a Federalized and Unionized high-school dropout just to get on a plane to Terre Haute. It's all worth it just for that small liberty.

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