Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Saving MSgt. Grisham...

JammieWearingFool posts this about an American soldier being bullied by the schoolboard in Huntsville, Alabama.

It seems that Master Sergeant C.J. Grisham (apparently a very popular military blogger, although, honestly, I never heard of him) got into hot water by simply asking a question at a PTA Meeting about some proposed school uniforms for local schoolchildren (his own included).

The question was: "How much will they (the uniforms) cost?"

At which point, it's alleged that the school administrators went completely apeshit, had him tossed from the meeting and then made some trouble with Grisham's commanders, telling them they believed that he has PTSD and may constitute a danger to the school. (I wonder if the Huntsville School System would be so hot to label MSGt Grisham a lunatic if he were a Muslim? Would they make pointed remarks about AIDS if he were gay? I rather doubt it, the pussies wouldn't have the nerve!).

I have suffered horribly from PTSD in my lifetime, and it's not a joke. Real PTSD sufferers deal with ignorance, fear, discrimination and misinformation every day which affects their interactions with society, their relationships, their employment and ultimately, other aspects of their health. We're not crazy, and when you use PTSD as a pejorative, to imply dangerous intent, to slander a man who simply asked you a relevant question that you didn't want to answer, then you have committed an act of the basest prejudice and slander against those of us who actually do have PTSD.

My guess is that the School Board is set to make a killing on the uniforms, money that will then be wasted giving these assholes an undeserved raise, or perhaps sponsoring another series of those courses that teach first graders to use condoms, demonstrate homosexual acts, or show them how to perform fellatio on a tapir. That seems to be what Public Schools do with all the stolen or otherwise extorted taxpayer money that comes their way.

The quickest way to get to the bottom of this is to follow the money. Always.

Shame on the Huntsville, Ala. School Board. If any of those pantywaist, skirt-wearin' scumbags were within range, I'd punch them all in the mouth, both for maligning a parent who simply wanted information he should have been entitled to, and then insulting and maligning a lot of people who happen to have a mental condition they never wanted nor asked for.

So now an American Soldier needs help to defend himself against his own local government. A defense fund/help center for MSGT Grisham can be found here. The man's career may be adversely affected because some petty tyrants in the Huntsville. Ala. School System probably have something to hide.

I'm also going to give the Hunstville, Ala. School Board a piece of my (diseased) mind regarding their callous attitude towards the mentally ill. Add them to the long list of people in this country who have no sense of shame and an inflated sense of importance.

Update: According to the above post, the uniforms cost $400 each. No wonder they didn't want to talk about it! You have to figure there's a spring and winter uniform, and a smart parent buys at least two in case they get torn, dirty, and so forth. $1600 for school uniforms....

Here's the website for the Huntsville City School system. Let them know how you feel.

Extra: Master Sergeant Grisham will be reunited with his children at Fort Hood tomorrow. Please, please, please give whatever you can to the link above so that a good and honorable man may defend his rights, and his reputation.


CJ Grisham said...


Thanks for helping to tell this story. It's been very stressful dealing with this AND my battle with PTSD. In June I decided to make my struggle public so that I could encourage other troops that it's okay to seek help. I had no idea no idea that incompetent school officials would use it against me.

This is case about parental rights and letting the school system know that they are OUR employees. It's also a case about the division between being a parent and being a Soldier. Schools have NO right contacting military officials over a school/parent disagreement. The reason they even did so is because the principal is supposedly former Army. She KNEW that the military would listen to a "civilian" and used that to her advantage. Then, she enlisted the help of the PTA president.

AGain, thanks for your support. By way of update, I have raised almost $3500 of the $7000 needed so far. I'm very thankful, humbled and appreciative of all the people from around the country who have helped me with this fight.

Thankfully, I'm moving to Fort Hood and get to see my kids again tomorrow!

Matthew said...

Master Sergeant, it is an *honor* to defend you. No thanks are necessary.

I wish you the best of luck, Sir. Hug the children for us all.