Thursday, December 10, 2009

Well, What Did You Expect?

Why Obama's Nobel Speech Was Flat and Uncompelling.

Speeches given by third-rate hacks receiving awards they haven't earned usually are.

Unfortunately, no comment from the person most in the know.

That'll teach them Euroweenies to hand out once-prestigious-and-meaningful awards like candy!

Update: Victor Davis Hanson adds some insight into the terrible speech, and some reasons why, only 11 months in, the world seems tired of The Won.

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Greasywrench said...

I suggest the Norwegians change the name of the Peace Prize to the "Eleven Days In Office" prize. Or the "I Hate Bush" prize. That way they can at least regain a little of the credibilty they once had.

The entire Nobel process is a sorry and pathetic joke on the world and anyone who has actually contributed to World Peace.